In the olden days, BC, aka, Before Cannabis legal efforts, if you had a hookup [source] for the good weed, your choices were a sack and maybe some hash, if you were really connected. Well Mary Jane, you’ve come a long way, baby. And in a short time, I might add.

This month we start a new feature here at Everything420.com called Cannasseur Corner. CC is a spot to showcase any style of enjoying your medication, aka cannabis. For our initial column, we debut with something you rarely hear about – kief.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect to come out of the present day situation concerning cannabis, marijuana, or pot, is the variety of product available versus, say ten years ago. Kief is the resinous trichomes of cannabis that may accumulate in containers or be sifted from loose, dry cannabis flower with a mesh screen or sieve. Although not unknown, kief was a rare commodity if you weren’t close to a hash maker.

Well my friends, that has all changed now at least in Cali, but kief isn’t a stand alone smoking product. Kief is a perfect way to build a salad bowl. The picture below shows you everything you need for this taste delight.

The above include two different strains [opaque and red containers], moon rocks green container, and two different types of kief. First we lay a bottom nest of strain #1 at the base of the pipe screen.

After the base of strain #1, using a dab tool, we lay down a layer of kief A, which is the darker and the least amount of kief in stock. We carefully tap sprinkle a heaped helping over the base.

With the layer of kief in place, it’s time to add some moon pebbles to the salad. These rock chips were the grape hash ball sticky kind, very tasty and distinctive.

Now we add a second layer of kief over the top, covering the moon pebbles and first kief layer with our second, more abundant lighter, blonder kief from the second jar. Are your taste buds starting to quiver? They should.

Note the fatter dab tool. The bigger ladle size insures that we can cover the entire base including the exposed leaf of strain #1. Next we add our second layer of leaf, strain #2, again covering the entire top.

Using your fingernail across the knurl, you can lay a nice carpet of the final kief layer across the bowl.

Now we are ready to toast our creation, and ‘Hail to the Kief!’

The top kief layer causes an even burn that slowly spreads across the top and doesn’t go out, allowing you to draw, savor, exhale, then repeat. When the grape taste of the moon pebbles breaks in, that’s the cat’s pajamas.

And you still have half a bowl left. Yummmmee.


PT Rothschild

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