Posting an $11M advance opening, Guardians of The Galaxy is a film for both markets; geeks and non-geeks.

GofG now playing poster

For the geeks, they get to see the successful big screen launch of characters from Marvel’s Universe who, like in the plot, were misfits and known only to geeks. For the rest of us, this movie kicks ass in that comic book fashion we have come to love from the likes of Iron Man, The Avengers, and Thor.

However, beyond the rock ‘em- sock ‘em cinematics, “Marvel really got it right” [Jesse – comic shop owner] because this movie has heart and depth. You even get the Stan Lee cameo. Here’s my report.

Sets and action, A+. I saw this showing ‘old school’ in 2D. When I see this film next, it will be in IMAX 3D.

Plot, also an A. The list of characters is impressive and expansive in individuality. You didn’t need a program to tell the players but to geeks who do have a program, they seemed well sated.

Trailers, A+. Though only seeing the movie once, I ‘crammed’ in advance on the trailers. Unlike with some movies, these trailers give you the proper layer of the plot onion and do exactly what a trailer is supposed to, they tease without revealing too much.

Themes, A+. Hidden within delicious mouthfuls of hearty action and explosions, washed down with witty dialogue, are the themes of extreme intolerance [Jews/Palestinians], identity ambiguity [LGBT], self esteem, bullying, GMO engineering, and life after death, but you better be paying attention to catch some of these with all the whiz-bang action eye candy.

Characters, A+. For most movies, the central protagonist [hero] experiences a character arc, going from the place you first see [him or her] at the start of the story to a new place of awareness by film’s end. Like the Wizard of Oz, the viewer sees all the central characters make a character arc, and two in a very surprising turn that made my eyes water up a bit. Even one of the antagonists shows a subtle arc that shows the film’s heart, evident in only the best comic stories written.

Final analysis. Though I didn’t leave the theater itching for a cool light saber or pondering the meaning of ‘the force’, Guardians of The Galaxy utilized gadgetry as accessory props to augment full-blooded [I’m not sure what color that blood might be, however] characters who show heart over action. Unlike Superman, with Earth as his ‘adopted’ planet, and Batman, who is ultra-wealthy in his alter ego, Peter Quill has more in common with most folks. Aside from having a unique group of friends it shows a lot more humility as the teamwork is as heartwarming as the 420Nurses organization.

Gof G crew movie scene
GofG – two thumbs way up!!

PT Rothschild

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