For those who made it, you know it was grand. For everyone else, you can read all about it now.

The social event and Grand Opening of the 420Nurses World Headquarters was a success that featured vintage classic cars from Eurotech under sometimes threatening non-chem-trailed skies.

grand opening collage shotThe crowd was varied and even the San Diego Chapter, featuring model Bob Carlee, drove in for the event which featured plenty of picture taking.

grand opening flyer with Memoirs spotSponsorship for the event led to a well-rounded cross-section of patients, vendors, and an occasional, ahem, author, as the above flyer reveals.

grand opening set upThe new world headquarters was turned into an event site by a dedicated crew working until 3AM Sunday of the evening and morning of the event day.

grand opening classic cars and classic nurses

Ink was raffled off and available onsite via Surreal Limits and the middle 420Nurse sports a fresh ‘420Nurses’ tat on her side which was done at the event. Look for an upcoming video.

Grand opening early crowd

The varied crowd built up quickly to well over several hundred and many got gift bags which featured hip items like the USB charged Elementium lighters and great tasting Cavi Cones to spark.

Grand opening upstairs party

And more when you included a huge vendor meet ‘n’ greet area that included two prize winning electric dab kits, one Darth Vader and one a Storm Trooper, that delivered zombie hit after hit, and no, this reporter was part of the crew as an embed.

grand opening upstairs final raffle

Like the 420Nurses, I was working, sometimes. Finally, it was down to the last raffle prizes. And then it was Good Night to a grand night out after the night crew cleaned the lot, leaving no footprint from the evening’s event. Gone as if by magic but remembered like a legend, that was the Grand opening of the 420Nurses World Headquarters.

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