Though most people outside the medical cannabis culture think of smoking pot whenever the subject weed comes up,  those inside the ‘unregulated’ medicated edible field know when patients cook for patients, the results are sensuous to look at and heavenly to grub on.

I love sweets and luckily they like me. On top of my list of samples to try was a Dark Chocolate square by IRIS Chocolates. Packaged and foil-wrapped like anything you would see from Hershey’s, the ingredients are organic cocoa and cane sugar, both non-sanctioned by our GMO-controlled state government. 30mg THC per square. Delicious.

Captain Tuesday tried the IRIS Gummies, 3 small Sativa squares with 8 mg THC each. “I ate a halfa one, waited about an hour then ate the other half. Waited about half an hour then eat a whole square. Twenty minutes later I couldn’t walk. It was great and very good.” [Tuesday represents the control group with low tolerance to cannabis – Ed] IRIS products are made in the USA.

Irish Jay’s offered two samples of their treats. One was peanut brittle that was tested, receiving a two thumbs up from Tuesday’s test panel [roommates]. The sample I kept is the 27mg Watermelon Hard Candy with 5 pieces per pack. Each piece is 27mg so one piece equals one dose with high potency hash oil. What does one dose do?

This is the query that follows the path of one’s tolerance and ailment. In other words, treats seem to me to work the best with physical ailments though all the medibles I tried were delicious with none of the old school outdoor weed taste experienced back in the day.

One treat that puts you in a happy gratification stupor is Honey Pot’s honey straws made with coconut oil, wildflower honey, and cannabis. The B12 and the quarter gram Indica combine for a buzz that is energetic lip-lock while your eyes and mind dart from thing to thing. It’s a pick-me-up for your afternoon pick-me-up.

Speaking of pick-me-ups, what about your morning coffee? Make your next pot of coffee, Pot-O-Coffee, handcrafted THC infused Arabica Coffee.

Companies like this and Pirate Candy, Hashman Edibles [medicated Cheetos make wanting munchies even more enjoyable], The Cannasseur, Auntie Dolores everyday edibles, even Kush Kakery’s Kush Cake Pops*, modeled for us in the opening picture, will be driven extinct by bureaucratic fees to support the boards to approve such existing products or through favoritism. Both of these real life results have been recorded in regulated legal stages.

Here’s another look at that Kush Cake Pop!

420nurse in candy land cake pop pose with nip and Kush cake pop

[*- Kush Cake Pops review, 6-20-2013 Rolling Stone magazine]

PT Rothschild

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