Though many stories posted here have a more monumental stand, like labeling GMOs or the still developing Great Colorado GMO Pot Experiment, this branch was founded with a woman’s body in mind as well as her spirit.

420nurses merchandise cap girlsBeing a 420Nurse is more than standing on your feet and looking good for some advertiser. Being a 420Nurse is also more than just puffing and protesting. Today’s woman and 420Nurse needs a healthy lifestyle. Part of that lifestyle is reading product labels, especially food and drink labels so you are seen as an enlightened shopper to younger girls looking for a cool role model to follow.

Keeping that body looking nineteen requires more than squats and getting lit for the long run, and you know what the Eagles sang. If you have seen the vid inside the story ‘Take The Short Line To Clean Health, Not The Short Bus’ on, the moral to the story is begin improving the things closest to you. The second vid speaks of using a certain brand of hemp line. But the truth is, no matter the brand, it is a better way to smoke pot, and you can sense the difference.

420 hemp line picture

Amazingly, I am old enough to remember a day when you didn’t smoke from any lighter, you used matches. Once the sulfur burned off the match head, that was when you lit the bowl, bong, or joint.

Like anything else, a generation came up using Bics to light their weed and matches were phased out. After a few pipeloads, you didn’t notice the difference, because everyone was doing it, and that’s how they get you, through manipulation of the youth/younger generation who don’t know any better having no experience to draw upon. And now the younger generation is going to strike back. The use of hemp line over a bic is a choice, but a clean choice.

Another way is to eliminate high fructose corn syrup from all you consume. The reason is simple; you get to keep a young body that’s in sharp a lot longer by eliminating something that will make you fat. Substitute water if no real pop with sugar is available. Also you can sub in 420 and Lexi, Summer Rain, Tinker Toke Tinktea with honey, a healthy choice but a lifestyle change and one that younger people will notice. I can vouch for the no-more-exercise-than-normal part of slimming down. Wheat gutten or anything you are sensitive to as a result of your allergy to it is a way to cut down on adverse effects in the long run to your bod. You’re a model.

The last giant baby step is called that because it takes a giant step to redirect your habits because much of it is procrastination. I know, but again it is so worth it. And you really do see and feel a difference.

Dr. BronnerThis step is cutting out the fluoride as much as possible in your routine. Bottled water is a start but the trick isn’t just to use the water for cooking and drinking and rinsing your mouth after brushing your teeth or in your bong, but you also want to start using no fluoride products like Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap products.

The suggestions listed here aren’t meant to be incorporated all at once but each represents a giant baby step because each requires an adjustment in your budget along with a change of habit. Interestingly, while it sounds tough, once you institute each change, Mary Jane and the Universe seem to help make it a seamless transition into your lifestyle fabric that you wonder why you didn’t change things around before.

PT Rothschild

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