GHOSTING mwahahaha

GHOSTING mwahahaha

When it comes to ghosting, nobody does it better than a 420nurse. In honor of the season and the 6th Anniversary for the trend-setting group, here are some ghosts to prove our point.

420 and baking is easy when stoned in kitchen

420 and CC holds her own with admiration

420 and cropped angle with shades nurse

420 and how you feel the first time high

420 and inkhurtz blowing smoke HempCon 2014

420 and nurse in Rebel 8 hat

420 and pretty potthead smoking zebra sheet

420 and purple hair ghosting nurse

420 and Smokeface Summer

420 and smoking GMO pot mutation

420 and that's trippy

420 and todays diabetic

420 black friday grateful meds 2014


420Nurse CRystal Leatherlungs up in smoke

Grand opening upstairs party

summer exhaling bong smoke

420 and darth vader

420 and Duchess outdoor ghosting

420 and Highway west realism in B&W

420 and R2D2 with nurse in cloud

Hi Fi event second time poster

420nurse Chacha hits her rig with eye pendant on

420 and Duchess ghosting as erotic art form

420 and ghostess with the mostest time lapse

Happy Halloween Anniversary – 420Nurses

PT Rothschild

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