Going to a city council meeting to make your political point works like this.

Wherever you live, if it is a town or bigger, it has a local city government. They will have meetings usually twice a month. If they are sophisticated enough to have a website, then the times of the scheduled town hall or council meeting schedule will be found there. There will also be minutes from past meetings and possibly the next meeting’s agenda.

Unless there is a big city or town issue on the program, attendance is usually sparse with only those interested in their particular issue, like a traffic light wanted for 3rd and Hill. So what happens if you don’t have a particular city issue or group but have something to say to the council members?

Recently in light of the coming Trans-Pacific Partnership treason, I was cast into similar situation of having something to say that I felt the city should hear. Here is what I recommend.

First know your subject and if you are going to talk to the city council, let’s presume you have that base covered, so then you need to tailor your message to make it personal to the city. If it’s just your problem, well they get that from everyone there. But if you make it their problem also, that’s a different story.

Arrive early if the meeting starts at 7PM [I didn’t but the CC here and I have a past history so they were generous enough to make time in the public safety part of the meeting instead of the general public comments portion at the beginning]. Getting there before the meeting starts allows you to get your pink [or whatever color they use] slip to fill out for your time to speak.


If, for example, you are speaking on a topic already scheduled, just mark the slip to show which one and follow the instructions on the Request To Speak form. If your subject is not on the agenda, then make the appropriate mark. This slip is handed into the Sgt-at-Arms type of person, someone who is at the end of the line of council desks. After that you are all set and wait to be called upon.

Pre-planning. Know the amount of time that you have to speak in. write your speech out and time it. Add or trim as necessary but narrow the focus and keep it easy to follow. Writing anything out helps to implant the words to supplement the memory process. The message I delivered follows:

“Thank you,

I come here as the Temecula Calendar to alert the members of a crisis that will concern you much more than the Liberty Quarry, something we also weighed in on with the city.

This current concern is international, but the only way to combat this threat is to start at the local level.

This threat will patent your wine seedlings as theirs, prohibit organic local grow cultures like old town’s Saturday farmer’s market, and outlaw food labels bearing such info.”

chem trails feb 23 2016 plus city council shots 068 number 2

“This threat is called the TransPacific Partnership, or the TPP. It is one of three now pending which will wrap up the entire world in a kit basket, ending individual futures, ushering in the United Nations of America.

The Calendar does not seek some official Declaration of Support. We merely come here to announce that you have 90 days to stop this, please alert all your political connections of the coming disenfranchisement of sovereignty, because this affects your lives and the futures of your loved ones.

We offer paperwork on the topic for further research. Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton have all dissed it. Please pass this information on through your channels.

Thank you, the Temecula Calendar, PT Rothschild, Senior Editor”

Dress to show your colors because it’s also what you don’t say that counts and will leave an impression.

Lastly, take a photographer.

chem trails feb 23 2016 plus city council shots 072

PT Rothschild

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