The shades say ‘Get Up, Get Loud’ but our posse is a little different, know GMO and too close to call on 522what I mean, Verne?

The following requested calls to members of the Agriculture Committee should take less the five minutes total time. The following script template is suggested:

“Hello, I am calling in support of SB 1381, the bill to label GMOs.”

They will then ask your name and either your zip code and/or your zip code to make sure you are living in their district. You do not have to be a registered voter. Repeat – you do not have to be a registered voter for vote with your phone voice. You just need to make your position known. It’s feedback that counts at this level. Here’s who to call.

This 5-member Agriculture Committee is set to meet Tuesday morning 4/1. The only urban member is Lieu, an environmentalist Democrat in South Bay. The others are all rural and should be heavily influenced by our opposition.  Sen. Wolk voted yes this past week as a member of the Health committee but she has not committed to co-sponsoring the bill.

Here are the members of the Ag Committee and their contact information


Senator                                          Phone                

1.       Cathleen Galgiani                      (916) 651-4005       

2.      Anthony Cannella                      (916) 651-4012        

3.      Tom Berryhill                              (916) 651-4014         

4.      Ted W. Lieu                                  (916) 651-4028       

5.      Lois Wolk                                      (916) 651-4003        


Now pull out your Hammer of Justice and spark it up like Thor!!

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PT Rothschild

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