Geographically Modified Opportunities

Geographically Modified Opportunities

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The normal expression you think of when you hear the buzz word ‘GMO‘ has been connected to cannabis now and morphed into this current expression used to explain what is actively happening to California’s homegrown cannabis industry now. Much like with how you cook frogs by heating the water from cold to boiling hot, by the time the said frogs figure out what’s really happening, well, it’s too late.

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Today, with the lies and deception spreading Prop 64 [AUMA or the Adult Use Marijuana Act], the water is rapidly warming to a boil for all of California’s homegrown cannabis industry, from growers to end-market consumption. Some locals are included now for looks, but like the double-cross B-Real experienced when he thought he was gaining a clinic in Santa Ana, all the locals included in the current mix will be rolled over in the clover, because with politicians “if their lips are moving….”

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To bring you, our E420 reader patients, the real skinny on the what’s going down in CA, both northern and southern sections, Everything420 went to San Diego’s SoCal Cannabis Convention Expo this past weekend. The reason, AUMA eliminates all the local homegrown vendors, growers, and auxiliary support we now have access to under Prop 215 by doing a TPP [TransPacific Partnership] number to turn Cali’s pot market into the government’s McDonald’s of Marijuana. The people who wrote AUMA and MMRSA did not include a single patient, vet, or even a cannabis user, just all suits like the ones who wrote the TPP, and the other two ‘free trade’ treaties being forced on the citizens of the world by the 1%.

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With mainstream media in on the take-down of the world economically [the belief system is based on eugenics which says ‘the rich should inherit the earth’ rather than the meek, as promised by Jesus], because as soon as cannabis is monopolized in California, petro-dollars will start to be phased out in lieu of canna-dollars, the new renewable source world-wide owned [through patents by the banksters, government], enforced by the new law [regulators], tracked and delivered by the UAW, but ultimately to be the sole property for the rich. For the non-rich citizens of California, they will have access to GMO pot from Monsanto’s Uruguay grown surplus. The ones who don’t want that can qualify for Syndros, now promoted by the FDA or go back on prescription meds from Big Pharma.

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This past weekend San Diego hosted the Southern California Cannabis Expo for the uptown market in SD with a host of out-of-towners. These folks came from Colorado, Texas, and Arizona, primarily, all here for the AUMA California Cannabis giveaway.

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Of course, these fine merchants and most of the entrepreneurs are not aware of the insidious purpose to AUMA, answering only to the dog-whistle tune of legalization. It is the same method used to sell older whites who live in Hemet, CA trailer parks a one cent sales tax for extra police protection from people like us who wear caps backwards, sag their pants, listen to rap music, smoke weed, and DGAF rather than drink booze, pop pills, and stay religiously arrogant about being closed-minded.

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For an event named after cannabis and put on for the marijuana industry, there was no smoking of pot or cannabis [weed] of any strain allowed. But like the hypocrisy displayed, if you knew the right people, there was a secret dab sesh happening right under the Texas promoter’s nose [see above].

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The homey from Texas told this reporter personally that he ran a tight ship, but as witnessed during this last Democratic election cycle, the rules are there for those who espouse life is fair, there is justice for all, and the Easter Bunny.

US President Barack Obama speaks as the Easter Bunny looks on during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC, on April 13, 2009. More than 30,000 guests will attend this year's events, which include a kids kitchen, an organic kitchen, live musical performances, kids yoga and the traditional Easter egg roll. AFP PHOTO / Saul Loeb (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Real activists believe the herb is meant for everyone’s benefit, and that legalized the correct way, as a state right and resource, that each state could become independent of the Federal government, Federal corruption, and dependence to the Federal Government who in 1913, enslaved the US to the IRS and the private misnomer Federal Reserve. Thank Woodrow Wilson, one of our greatest racist presidents, not George Bush or Barack Obama, for our present national dilemma economically and racially.

James Baldwin on being poor, and or non-white

The plan to monopolize cannabis started in 1913 when they changed the name to marijuana in California, itself a racist act against all Latinos, not just Mexicans. Now the plan is to change the herb’s name again for the second and final act of control.

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