Sometimes a woman doesn’t show off her body to model or to advocate. Sometimes it is her right by law.

NY coed looks up amid all that snow

New York City and Central Park several days ago

Members of the Outdoor Coed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society recently dug out and went out for some much needed new sun, something many readers here take for granted, like MMJ.

NY coeds put books, clothes under tree

Members aside things atop the snow, which doesn’t melt, especially in the shade

Being cooped up under mounds of snow leaves one a little stiff. Time to limber up.

NY coed does tree exercise


Appearances are checked on in natural sunlight instead of artificial indoor illumination.

NY coed wonders if they could use some sun

They need some sun, thinks a member reader

Some light reading is done in the best rays.

NY coed reads under a tree in good light

Then an atomically correct snowman is built.

NY coeds agree on snowman size penis

Having seen ’50 Shades’ one reader demonstrates ‘The Tina Turner’ maneuver

NY coed sez to snowman, read this

Then, it’s one last “I Love Dr. Zhivago” before catching the ‘B’ train.

NY coed shouts I Love Dr. Zhivago

Meanwhile, on the West Side

420 and purple girl bong shot

PT Rothschild

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