That’s right, Sports Fans. The Friday Night Sesh that happens in the San Fernando Valley every Friday night will have their second anniversary this coming Friday night at the usual location.

I was standing in line just last week and struck up a conversation with a familiar face there, as we waited for the doors to open. The woman related, “I was against this when they started.”

She had been around when the 420Nurses first organized back in 2009 and referred to that moment. “I said, you’re not even real nurses, you’re models. Now look at this,” she gestured at the line that had doubled around on itself while a vendor handed out free weed for Instagram followers.

“This [FNS] attracts the older crowd too, not just the youngsters. I’m thinking of starting a senior 420Nurse branch,” she finished off as the line moved forward. Indeed the Friday Night Sesh does attract the old crowd. I remember seeing Jeff Clark at a November FNS before he passed that January.

Other activists like Jeanette Perez, Patrick Moore, and Melissa Balin (not pictured) have hit the FNS as well. And why not, the event is well organized, well attended, and respectful to the neighbors. Early birds don’t get the worm, they receive instead a nifty little swag bag later in the evening. IDs and current recs are checked before entry. It’s a tight ship.

The FNS is also a happy ship with great deals for patients, especially those on a fixed or moderate income. Below is a selection of various products that includes the 3 item swag bag [$10 early bird special] and gram amounts both for the vape cartridges and crumble extract. Final donation total, $77.

With vendors inside

And out

Including food, medicated drinks, and a festive atmosphere.

The coming 2-year anniversary this Friday night is sure to be a blast.

PT Rothschild

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