Free weed with every purchase

Free weed with every purchase

Now here’s a way to grow a local following with just three simple words: “complimentary cannabis gift.” 

The company, Hemp House Clothing is offering the promotion to adults 21 or older who live in the Denver area only, as the purchases — and free weed — will be delivered in person.

“Upon our release we will be offering a delivery service for the Denver Metro area,” Hemp House says via their website.  “Each order, over our minimum, will receive a gift of 1/8th of cannabis. All Cannabis gifts are to be given with package, in person.”

So, are you a qualifying customer? If you live in the Denver metro area, that’s a start.

Hemp House is promising that buyers who order online, or live outside their Denver delivery order, will receive “something special” instead of the free eighth of cannabis.

Hemp House aims to launch later this year, with their winter line of hemp clothing — including socks, T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, hats, backpacks and more. — expected to be available in December.

The promo appears to adhere to Colorado’s laws about recreational marijuana: It’s OK to give up to an ounce of recreational weed to another person age 21 or over (sales can only happen through a state-licensed retailer). Interesting……

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