It is no secret that women weed NGOs are now on the rise given pot’s legal statue especially in California, the potentially largest recreational pot market now in the world. Some NGO groups are gathering professional women under their banner by throwing [now legal] seshes to organize socially, [national and international levels].

Other NGOs organized by Big Pharma female survivors to spread green care to children. A third coalition braids RNs together from San Diego to Colorado for medical news publication and science updates. All these newcomer groups have a single mindset to change the image of cannabis to suit their own preconceived notions.

However, did you know there is a group of women who already have the aforementioned agendas, don’t seek to change the image of cannabis users, but rather choose to further enhance the beauty of the plant, its purpose, and the creative aspect associated with the culture?


While you may have clue to the answer, can you guess what really founded this mystery group I have in mind? The answer will surprise you. I know it did me, and there’s not a lot of new tricks this old dog hasn’t seen.

Any regular reader here knows the ‘who’ answer – it’s the 420Nurses, of course. Alas, any follower of the 420Nurses or a new cannabis/marijuana reader will probably answer the founding issue question stated in the opening as, A – modeling, B – networking, C – activism. Right?


Wrong-O. But I made the same call when I first joined the site. The weed, the girls, er, nurses. Since I was writing about them, I got past the flesh side as a professional, but the images stuck in my mind, indelible.


The youthful artistry and innuendo peaked my visual delight and picking out model poses to match different story content is always a double pleasure. The art model side has been highlighted as I have gotten past the burlesque front. The social networking and activist sides likewise are listed, but there was always something else. I could feel it but I just couldn’t see it, though it was right in front of my eyes.

The social networking gave forth to describing the 420Nurses as terms of a sisterhood-like sorority given the personal blogs and support for each others’ handicaps inside the organization. Ditto for the pleasurable experience medicating, aka smoking, later dabbing, brings, which was also shared. It’s a common experience all members can relate to with a smile of relief.


Always behind the scenes there is a sweetness which reminds you of a beauty pageant, even under the stress of cannabis show professionalism. Plus that professionalism extends into the wardrobe. The design of the dresses, shorts, tees, and types thereof, have changed somewhat in text, yet stayed true to the basic brand logo. The styles of clothing expanded yielding their own look are, as far as I can tell, the work of either Chacha, or a collaboration of ideas submitted to HQ, such as the 420Nurses Dab design logo, an instant hit.


Even with clues like this that had been staring me in the face from the beginning, it took a very recent turnout at a Holiday event to reveal the secret origin of the 420Nurses. It was told to me that the group originally started out as a dating site, a point I argued at first going off the origin story I had, which was more a birth date story actually.

All the way back to my valley the pieces seemed to fit, until like the Batman, I had surmised the breath of the endeavor. In fact, as Holmes might have said, “It was diabolically simple,” except the 420Nurses aren’t diabolical, quite the opposite actually.


Since the 420nurse members are all medical marijuana patients, meaning the majority of them suffer ailments that have only come into prominence during the last 30 years or less, the young women have a common ground. This is a point I have personally seen expressed in blog correspondence. It stands to reason that a genius idea might be to host a site where young female adults from the same age generation with the same motivation, background, cultural and medicinal norms based around cannabis might succeed the same way a Christian-themed dating site, like, did.

Not bound by the same guild stones of any organized religious group past the first two humane Commandments, when coupled with the creative aspect of cannabis, things can only get better when you stir in naughty rather than nasty, unique rather than usual, and high art rather than apropos.


Though many may not realize it, today’s cannabis marketplace offers the final equalization of women to men in business and commerce. Gone are the days of my mother when these 6 occupation fields were open to young woman in general; agriculture, domestic service, manufacturing, clerical and office work, and professional work, ie. teachers, models, entertainers, and nurses.

PT Rothschild

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