The buzz was out and being a Friday the 13th did not dull the senses. It was the Second Anniversary of the popular Friday Night Sesh, hosted by the 420Nurses. The group founded in 2009 and made up of female patients helped or cured through cannabis use has expanded their event promotion aspect since the underground LA pot hip hop days, appearing at various venues all over Los Angeles.

After a few co-sponsored mini-fests, the 420Nurses launched their own style event, the Friday Night Sesh, a farmer’s market of products and vendors direct to the patient – No Stoners Allowed; also no alcohol or cigarette smoking. The unique style and atmosphere were a success as well as the value obtained by no middle man. A comment expressed in the line waiting to enter, “This is like going to your homie’s sesh.”

Indeed it was, starting with live art done with airbrush.

The VIP gift bag was something to write home to Mom about. All for the price of admission – $10.

Some vendors had products that won cups and others just had product for donation, meaning all the patient market was covered. The variety of product pictured below topped off at $49 total donation, that includes $5 grams.

The buzz was out and about, as the place was packed with a constant flow of patients and comments about procurement for an ailing relative. Also common were stories of relief through cannabis use.

The parents of Summer Rain, VP of the 420Nurses, manned their cookout corner, serving up quesadillas and other tasty treats fresh off the grill.

President Chacha and Summer, co-pilots of this 2nd Anniversary FNS were busy serving a never ending line of people seeking refreshment at the Stoner Cafe. This members only snack bar was once the office area before having a makeover. Other 420Nurses were also contributing to this special night, at the Cafe or in a vendor’s booth.

For the close out crew, it time to clean up and make stock available for Saturday, the start of a two day hemp music festival in Topanga Canyon wrapping at 7PM each evening. Whew, James Brown didn’t work this hard.

PT Rothschild

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