FALL in LOVE with 420nurses

FALL in LOVE with 420nurses

Last weeks Nurses Orders were all about FALL

420nurse MissyMisery ‘s favorite season “The beautiful colors, smell of rain, the holidays, the food, and comfy clothes!”


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420nurse Missy Misery was chosen for this weeks Nurses Orders. Please become her official fan today




This beautiful , hard working 420nurse is a 22 year old Cannabis Enthusiast from San Ramon, CA. She loves the cannabis industry and the community of it all, plus she feels cannabis, has saved her life. One day she hopes to grow and have her own medical marijuana business for animals. Help her on her journey to beocming official and support her upcoming promotions and tours!

Congratulations for being a winner of this weeks Nurses Orders


These orders help get us 420nurses closer to our goals of becoming official! 1 individual Nurses blog and photos will be chosen for a feature and on news.420nurses.com as well as entered in to our GRAND PRIZE RAFFLE

Check out her blog & more photos linked below





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