As we come upon the end of the first quarter, Everything420 takes a look at legal weed in California. It is hoped that somehow this column will reach eyes in Cook County, home to Chicago. That is the sight of the next cannabis legalization move.

The tax scene. The state lawmakers, none of whom has any ‘hands on’ experience with cannabis, are now starting to see their pie-in-the-sky money from recreational weed income to support 22K new government jobs is a pipe dream. Don’t expect any of the social services campaigned to the hoi poloi voters for their ‘yes’ votes to appear. End result, the gov is rethinking their tax code so things are on hold.

The bottom line is this. People who smoke pot to party already have their source. The image of some hoodlum type, slick type, or junkie hanging around playgrounds selling weed is fictitious. People like that DO exist but they are selling real drugs to real drug users around recycling centers and homeless camps.

Younger people who ‘party’ have a hook-up and it’s someone in their circle, not some sleaze-bag. They may not have the selection of fancy products but that doesn’t matter to people who smoke on a regular basis. Therefore the weed market is mostly for the tourist class. As was put forth recently in a Republican governors meeting, going legal is a vanishing point equation once the newness wears off. FIN

The stock market has one legally traded cannabis stock, Medical Marijuana, Inc. This company is a multi-level marketing venture that uses the Amway model to move their line of CBD products not just through the state but nationally. CBD medicates without the head trip and you also don’t get the couch lock* that can occur with overeating edibles. The Kannaway marketing meetings can be found in the back room of your fave TGIFs and other spots like that based on the dynamic set by NORML meetings back in the day [pre-Prop 64]. – FIN

President Trump turned down a deal to import medical marijuana from Israel. The President stated his usual America First logic and common sense by saying [in effect] that we have the best pot and all we need right here in the good old USA. – FIN

In other non-related cannabis news that could boomerang back on the state’s legal side is the feud between the Federal Government [Trump] and the State of California [Democrats] over the coming census, and the question of citizenship on it. Often in politics, and especially with the Republicans, they like to be the ones who get the last tag, for any kids who ever played the game. Washington’s last tag could be a national cannabis legalization act trumping the Cali version. – FIN

Once a dream spot in LA known as The Treehouse, a private club for MMJrs and many of the cannabis activists/researchers/artist free spirits, was only available to a select few, aka those who knew about the place and who lived in LA. It got closed down. Now all across LA and in various locations around the state, the atmosphere of a private cigar lounge is available to the average toker, medical or not. The California honeymoon with Mary Jane Green continues.

The motif is limited only to the imagination of the shop or cafe proprietor. As this is a ‘members only’ function, there is a fee to enter or to belong. However, this style of Gentleman’s club is open to anyone who enjoys cannabis in a social public atmosphere. Instead of getting a beer after work [provided you don’t have to drive], you can meet some friends at the hangout and chill, maybe even enjoy an entrepreneur speaker,

Or perhaps catch some vendors on industry night at a coffee shop art gallery.

And last but not least, our favorite group of sweethearts have tapped a corner niche in the expanding selection of ways to accommodate this new legal weed customer base with their unique boutique.

Look for this signage around the corner and just west on Topanga down from the B&A.

And toke up. This is a time not seen for over a hundred years, and you know what Ferris Bueller said.


(*- not including CBD product with Serotonin)

PT Rothschild

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