Eureka Vapor

Eureka Vapor

Cannabis Extracts are continuing to gain popularity in both the recreational and medicinal cannabis market. There are many different methods in which they are produced, refined, and prepared to fit the needs of the various users who have grown to enjoy their effectiveness, convenience, and discreetness. Since 2011, Eureka Vapor has been producing refined co2 cannabis extracts that suit the discerning needs of vape pen users. Since their development, they have grown to accommodate both California and Colorado. Free of additional additives, their product line consists of either half gram or full gram cartridges that contain strain specific indica, sativa, and hybrid extracted varieties. 1g refills are also available for those who need them, these contain the same quality co2 extracted oil and can be used for a variety of purposes such as edibles, topicals, and traditional dabbing.

Eureka Vapor also produces a line of clear vape cartridges which come prefilled with a half gram of additionally refined extract. The Eureka Clear Line is also available in strain specific indica, sativa, and hybrid strains in half gram cartridges. For those who need additional quality assurance and a greater understanding of their meds, all of Eureka’s products are safety screened by SC Labs and the results are available to view on their website and social media outlets.



“We wanted to provide users with a variety of extracts that help maximize their vaping experience. We try our best to set ourselves apart from the conventional market and it has helped influence / define our standards and who we are in the cannabis industry. We want patients to experience our oil in the best possible way, with the freedom of choice in each strain cartridge, the guarantee in safety with a natural, flavorful tasting oil, our transparency in providing consistent SC Lab test results, and our continued dedication to producing the best available vape pen that we can. Additionally, we are extremely excited to open our doors to the Colorado medical and recreational market. In this expansion, Colorado has been very receptive to Eureka Vapor and so far, the feedback has been extremely positive! We’ve been fortunate enough to also take home a win at the 2016 710 Sesh in Colorado, placing 1st for Peoples Choice and 2nd for Best Shatter.”

We’d like to thank Eureka for taking the time to chat with us about their various vape pen products. For more information on Eureka Vapor products, store locations, test results, and any upcoming news, feel free to check out their website at:



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