This is a follow-up article to the Playboy Op Opens story. 420Nurses are unique from any other modeling group and this may be because of chance, circumstance, or cannabis but there is no denying the artistry of emotion found in thousands of 420nurse poses and photos. When you add to that the no-bias, no-judgment, freedom to live your individual style while reflecting upon your inner solace for peace or respect for the camera, well Bazinga!

As an editor also at the Calendar, I use 420nurse models exclusively for many stories to illustrate a point that may have nothing to do with cannabis, the mmj culture, or even the organization. I can do this because the 420nurse pics are rich in texture, style, substance, and emotion. Let me give you an example. Here are normal models used in an op to promote most anything.

Tecate models

Now here is a 420nurse model picture.

420 and RAW blond nurse with curly hair

See the diff? So how does this pan out for you? Well, I wasn’t born an editor. There are some short cuts to enhance your 420 creativity and you will have some fun acquiring this aspect to your personal and professional life.

First, you are going to have to go back to school, but, you aren’t looking to take a boatload of shit you don’t need. The courses you want are just a few.

You want Beginning Photography. This will show you about the lighting of a subject, how B&W differs from color in emotion, and shadows for depth and mystery.

420 and taming the shew with pot in a bowl

Next or first, since these classes depend on budget, availability, yada, yada, yada, is Art Appreciation. Again this is the beginning introduction and that is all you need. Art Appreciation will open your eyes to you being the subject as location placement. Plus this expands your mind and gets your head out of today’s sewer. Now you have something else to look kindly upon besides another 420nurse and that pile of green you are about to medicate with.

Photographers have a set mindset and direct the scene, of course, but when they see you are aware, with maybe a suggestion or ‘accidental’ move adjustment, it makes you someone they want to work with again. Being a product model is like being a bag of good weed, it’s a temporary gig and best when fresh.

PT Rothschild

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