It isn’t often one has a milestone birthday. Junior Editor Summer Rain recently became a legal adult at 21.

summer rain 21 birthday ball invite

At the other end of the spectrum, ye old editor celebrated his 70th year on the planet in this life at the end of June.

Looking back, if someone had told me that I would be part of a model patient group that celebrates ‘one love’ through the use and philosophy of cannabis when I was the mean age around here, I would have chuckled, then pondered, ‘were such a future possible?’


We all know that this is that future, so let me say to Chacha, Summer, Lexi, Abbysis, Laurie Canadian and all the rest of the wonderful people here, ‘thank you’ to everyone. Especially you, Jimmy.

Starting the NEWS up has been a real pleasure so at this point in time, let me say that this experience is unique. The fledgling publication is barely clearly the fence tops but we’re miles above the ant hills and dog dung. And we have just cleared the starting bloc.

The competition is full as the marketplace of cannabis and cannabis organizations continue to boom, but the NEWS is uniquely positioned by being a part of the 420nurses and what the nurses represent.

Similar to the Freemasons, the 420nurses is a free-wheeling society founded instead on niceness, beauty, and creative individualism. Those qualities are anathema for a world being forced into a poisoned new world order. The sparked friction created by this mix of mantras rubbing together is what the NEWS is all about, putting a cool breath of breeze on today’s hottest news about today’s hottest topics.

420 and wet tee shirt nurse love

So to all our readers from a staff that has you covered at both ends of the spectrum, thanks for your views and we look forward to bringing you the NEWS, not the Blues, when you medicate with us.

PT Rothschild

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