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The Edible Sesh is an event dedicated to bringing out innovative ideas in cannabis infused cuisine. During the 2016 Memorial Day weekend, the event kicked off at the Los Angeles 420 Nurses Headquarters in the San Fernando Valley. As the judges chowed down on the various dishes, guests were treated with a host of music and festivities such as the Stoned Gamer arcade tournament, DJ performances, a classy cannabis themed burlesque act, and vendor samplings from groups like Uncle Ronnie’s Inc., Nectar Stick, Betty Chronic Vegan Edibles, Masterbaker, Hummingbird Lane All Natural Topicals, Slactavis, Waxmob, and many others.

It was delectable dishes galore; from classic samplings and from simple to complex, the event was filled with a variety of dishes to tantalize any hungry event goer. At the judges table, it was photos, smiles, and snacking to determine who would take home the best in each category: Best Hot Plate, Best Vegetarian Plate, and Best All American Plate.


It wasn’t all edibles though, as the event continued on into the late afternoon, guests were able to enjoy a contending matchup in the Diamond Dabbers Competition as well as the local flower judging. As the event drew to a close, guests were able to take in one final performance from two amazing DJ performers.

For those who are interested in more information about the Edible Sesh and any of it’s upcoming events, you can visit their website at: http://www.ediblesesh.com/



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