Enail Industry in Full Electric Swing

Enail Industry in Full Electric Swing

The rise in demand for high purity cannabis concentrates has also led to a slew of innovations and improvements designed to enhance the effect, taste, and overall experience of the various compounds that can be noted when consuming these extracts. Many people are familiar with the conventional method of “dabbing” in which a small amount of concentrate is applied to a heated element often made of specialized titanium, quarts, or ceramic to produce a vapor that is inhaled. The most common method for heating these elements are simple torches. Many don’t have a problem with this and know exactly how to produce an excellent dab without problems or concerns.


However the use of a torch is something that a variety of patients are uncomfortable using simply due to the safety of handling such a device. Another disadvantage of using a torch is the fact that overheated elements can reduce the overall quality and enjoyment of the dab. Understanding the compounds and how they react in the presence of various temperatures is a key factor in producing the ideal dabbing experience. As we continue to understand the science behind what is happening. We will continue to push the dynamics on how they are consumed and enjoyed.

 The addition of electricity to the heating element has made drastic changes in the way these oils vaporize, taste, and chemically convert. The advantage of using a digital heating element is the ability to maintain better control over the temperatures needed to produce a proper vapor. Another advantage to the use of e-nails is the fact that they can be plugged in to a regular power outlet, eliminating the need for torches and fuels. It should always be noted though that when making the decision to invest in an e-nail setup. Always make sure that the company is using quality materials that are designed to meet the safety needs of the user. In addition to that, please remember to always be aware of hot e-nails as to avoid any injury or damage to any sensitive objects.


Although very reliable. E-nails often need electrical outlets to operate. This is where the use of either vapor pens or portable dabbing rigs come in handy. However for those who want to experience the more standard method of dabbing while maintaining the convenience and regularity of an e-nail. There are new options currently available. One such setup is the AcroVape Insta-Dab. A vaporizer that was made with portability in mind. Rather then relying solely on a plug. This uses a battery unit that can be taken on the go and recharged when necessary. The unit can be adjusted to different settings in order to permit various temperatures that suit the needs of the user.


 In addition to a long battery life. The design of the pat. pending heating element is built with extra safety in mind. Rather then being wrapped with a hot coil, the element is set within an enclosure to help prevent unwanted mishaps and also provide even temperature. The setup is also able to fit in the smallest 10mm male bubbler rigs all the way up to the larger 14 and 18mm female pieces.

For anyone who is interested in checking out AcroVape Insa-Dab. You can visit there site at


“Efficient, clean, and tasty, the best experience for patients and connoisseurs guaranteed!”

-AcroVape Insta-Dab

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