Today many Americans celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was a great man in a great era, perhaps the last great one.

This editor met him once over fifty years ago [cannabis is my Fountain of Youth] and I wonder how he would see the ‘war on drugs’ and the war on terror.

MLK everything legal in Germany

Like Jesus, the establishment didn’t like him because he threatened their real motives and objectives, but they put up with him.

Like Jesus, they tried to smear, discriminate, and discredit him but they were willing to put up with his nuisance by downplaying him.

Like Jesus, Martin Luther King came to the root of the problem, then the establishment adopted the messenger and tried to make the problem disappear so folks wouldn’t know what it really is.

Like Jesus, Martin Luther King was a prophet who predicted his own death. Like Jesus, MLK was killed when he connected the dots. So Dr. King was right.

Today as we celebrate Dr. King’s birthday, don’t forget that we, as medical marijuana patients, have now picked up the Mantle.

You may be scratching your head by that last statement, but Dr. King, though a black civil rights leader, led a fight not about black or white, that was the media version, the establishment claptrap. The color Dr. King fought about was green. It was always about the green and the proper distribution of it.

Today the color green concerns us because cannabis is green and the government is trying to make a ton of green off sick people, fun people, when proper development would net more than enough green from industrial applications.

Re-think cannabis lawsToday we are the new Dr. Martin Luther Kings and don’t let anyone try to blow smoke up your skirt. That’s the real deal, I know because I was there – PT Rothschild aka PT420

PT Rothschild

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