It should come as no surprise that Divine Intervention knows only Justice. For the cannabis crowd it means no felons allowed when it comes to activism.

The Mississippi government is saying that MPP is prohibited from raising money in that state because one of the founders is a convicted felon.

After he was convicted for growing his own marijuana while in college, this person co-founded MPP in order to repeal marijuana prohibition in all 50 states — something he can no longer do in Mississippi. This is a circular “double screw,” says this MPP founder

Fellow readers, we are seeing society slowly come apart around us. The ‘around us’ part is very important to notice.

Have you seen that you are a little quicker than most of those around you except at places like Roots, Sprouts, Mother’s, Whole Foods, and the like? Do you mostly drink bottled water? I don’t have to ask you whether you medicate, do I? But there is one thing you must do based on Chris Bennett’s research about cannabis being in the Bible.

Suspend all moral belief for the book and instead see the work as a factual history, with just enough pieces left out to make it borderline believable . See the Bible as a script; a movie that is being shot a few blocks over from where you are. Believe me folks, people who live out here in So Cali can really imagine that, but the important thing is what’s happening and what’s about to happen. And what’s about to happen to you.

Before we get to that end, let’s go back to the beginning. Cannabis is at the beginning, in the Bible but because of a miss-translation, possibly on purpose, centuries ago this knowledge was hidden, and is still scoffed at by establishment conservatives. The cannabis link was re-established through research early last century and again in the 80s. What does this mean?

It means two billion people are following in the wrong direction. Without all the politics, lack of this knowledge and how it is used historically, is critical. It also means that you aren’t one of those or you wouldn’t be here. Cannabis is a gift bestowed upon humankind; it is not oil and it isn’t a person. Cannabis isn’t something to be commercialized. Cannabis is a force for good, not greed, and DI is weeding out the crabgrass. There is a righteous wind ‘ablowing. How do I know this?

jackHerer, a hybrid of skunk, no lights and haze

As PT420 and PT Rothschild [a weird tech happenstance but same person here], I met a man named Jack Herer, twice. He had spent a number of years gathering the lost history concerning aspects about hemp, and pot. The first time Jack gave me a riddle and the second time I had a metaphysical question for him. But the spark Jack had ignited with his word was joined to mine when he blessed the moniker of Mary Jane Green, a fully Christian name at our second meeting, thereby bestowing a physical personification to a plant spirit.

jack-herer- signed photo

Two months later in Hollywood, on Halloween, the idea and form for the 420nurses was brought forth. I did not know or know of the 420nurses, nor they know me. It was late 2009. Jack would be dead before the end of the following year.

Almost exactly two years after that Halloween, Occupy Los Angeles happened. Anyone who attended a camp, especially this one, knows the texture of OLA. It was a blend of all things LA. Our media director has his own studios still today in Hollywood. The gathering was the most Christian un-Christian event I have ever been to. Also there on occasions was the CEO of the 420nurses, though it would take more than a pretty face wearing a nurse’s outfit with ‘420’ printed on it to get noticed at Occupy. We were camped at the foot of the building Superman flies out of. Still the nurses and my paths did not cross.

occupy LA our tents

The OLA adventure would bring about 3 major steps for me. The first was that I would get over being afraid of LA. Once I really stretched my wings there, I felt free. The spirit, the art work, the people, and the magic.

The second was I made a friend there. When he moved I took his slot. I now have a bookcase with books my ex-wife, the witch, would smile over. They are research only. To understand what is happening and why requires knowledge in magic, religion, and literature, aka, anthropology like Indiana Jones.

LA NORML-We Can Work It Out Music & Comedy 1-19-2013 (325) 4x6

But it was the third thing that happened which continues on. I wrote a book. I am 70 and I’ve seen my share of life. Mary Jane has been there with me most of the way. My story isn’t an endorsement, but a journey, up to Chapter 20. That chapter is stand-alone.

When I had a chance to sit down with Chacha I explained, ‘This fight for cannabis is going to require you to have a wizard on-board. I was sent here to be that to, and for you. This is my pedigree,’ and I handed her my story of how I came to be at her doorstep.

Memoirs back book cover010

The stand-alone Ch 20 is available in segment blogs at the website. As you would expect, the last lines in the chapter predict my joining the 420nurses as a part, becoming editor and journalist for the NEWS.

As news and events happen around us, because we smoke cannabis, the unnatural radiation is neutralized, and the chem-trail gunk is coughed up and out. Cannabis is an expectorant; organic in- inorganic out. Cannabis is so high tech that’s it’s magical. And we, who know its force, are like Jedi in Russia.

wars star you meme

PT Rothschild

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