A curious thing is happening to my favorite group of cannabis spokespeople, the 420nurses. GOOD is catching up to them. Patients are writing in to the only nurses they know who understand. The modeling part is secondary to them.

Not long ago the ripple through the nurse corp was talk of being a movement. Then the buzz literally caught up with everyone, including this reporter who is argumentatively the most political on staff. Anyone who sniffed the cup There are still stories and reviews from the Cannabis Cup alone and life has moved on, especially personally for me. But a movement depends not on what any one person is doing within it. The movement itself has motion.

While we grow as a staff, an audience grows along with those who just read the stories and enjoy the topics uncovered. It started slowly and is still a trickle, but testimonials are starting to come in from outside and inside the states of people who have been cured, not maintained, from various and sundry ailments through cannabis, specifically cannabis oil.

These testimonials are comments posted this site because where else would you post to tell people how cannabis cured you except on a medical site. Sure, you could write a pot cause group and tell them how cannabis cured you, but they already know. What they want is a contribution or volunteered time. Who do you tell but where other patients go to gather. For that there is only one place – the 420Nurses and their NEWS website.

420Nurse show support for weed at rally

And so as the nurses continue to promote products, attend shows, work with vendors, and promote legalization through the CCHI, people who have been cured are filling in the back wake as the 420nurses network through the culture. Word in the NEWS will spread through social media and online e-zines as survivors of prescribed illnesses and managed treatment gather in the NEWS.

If you have been cured/read ‘Run To The Cure’ send your gospel [Bible talk for ‘good news’ as in really good f’ing news] here to share with other patients, fans, and the 420Nurses, true medical cannabis spokespeople.

PT Rothschild

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