Tuesday evening the Democrats will hold their first Presidential campaign debate in Las Vegas. It is quite likely that the next POTUS will decide the future of cannabis for the country. At this point you cannot discern who will win, so listening to who might win the election next year could determine the direction of national acceptance.

Demo debate vegas 2015

Media fave insider Hillary front and center, Bernie Sanders, 1st right.

Without reading the through-the-years history of cannabis recognition in this country [Jack’s Emperor or PT420’s Memoirs], it might be hard to imagine the United States ready for pot reform, but that is exactly what happened toward the late 70s. By the end of the decade most people thought pot would be made legal and become just another product handled in the same way all non-dangerous products are handled in this country; like cotton or coffee. Willie Nelson smoked it in the Carter White House.

Jack Herer preaching hemp back in the day

Reagan and the new right-wing Southern Republican mindset took over and MJ was formally driven back to Nixon-era depth levels of acceptance. With the light of so many innovative new age/high tech products and uses coming aboard now for cannabis, a look at how the candidates feel about medical cannabis can determine if much leeway will be given to R&D concerning the whole plant, plus keeping the same access for MMJrs.

The Las Vegas debates are the first for the Dems who have a completely different litter of puppies running for the official party nomination and public support. Tuesday night’s televised debate will start the process of public selection/support by presenting the candidates in total to the the mass public. Up to now only a handful of names are recognizable to the general public. Two of those names are the current front runners of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but everything isn’t cut and dried yet.

Bernie chasing Hillary

In the run-up to the election of 2008, Hillary Clinton was one of two who spoke up right away about being in favor of stopping Federal raids on medical marijuana clinics. Now before you jump up and down, you need to know these three things.

420 and three reasons

One, this position doesn’t support legalization necessarily because to many, this is a States Right 10th Amend issue. Number two, HRC does have personal experience with cannabis as reported in various accounts of the Clintons’ college days and times [‘brownies’] especially after the Vietnam War, the period that brought pot out of the jazz closet. Hillary is smart and she understands that a huge demo backs this issue. She may not bring up cannabis first but she is aware of this voting bloc. That is reason three.

However, ever-changing Hillary has a huge trust issue with the public. What she might support on Monday might be different next Wednesday, especially being chased down by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. While Hillary tap dances like the well-rehearsed politician she is, Bernie refuses to be drawn into the media drummed-up cat-fight they keep trying to script. But the American public, whether a patient or not, isn’t buying this load of crap either.

Hillary and her trust issues

Bernie Sanders isn’t some flash in the pan or some up and coming untested Senator with no track record. Bernie voted against the war [’nuff said] and other major issues that Hillary was for, which in retrospect, were bad decisions for Hillary, like the emails, but correct, good decisions for Bernie Sanders. He may be 73, but the Bern is lean, clean, and in shape. Plus he is cool.

Bernie and Willie

Whereas Hillary panders, because she can.

Hillary pandering for cool votes

Turn in the Tuesday Las Vegas Democratic Debates and see if the media gets the best of Bernie, the wily ‘young’ man and the future for us all.

bernie sanders to the future

PT Rothschild

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