Like him or loathe him, no one would argue that Barack Obama is as smart as George Bush is dumb, but what people miss is the subtlety. Taken in the Gen 3:1 fashion, this means Obama has an agenda, a hidden plan. Less than a month ago, part of that plan was revealed.

After watching that vid, you may be dabbing and wondering, ‘What does that have to do with me?’

First of all, on a purely economic level, the 20% of the economy not covered in the sellout TPP plan encompasses the entire growing cannabis marketplace, a spot you as a reader here are interested in, whether it be consumer, advocate, independent businessperson, manufacturer, entrepreneur, or dreamer.

420 and dads for the homeless

Secondly, even if you voted for Obama both times, you have now reached the point of the George Bush fans during his waning lame duck term, unwilling to say ‘I was fucked again’ but silently marking the days off the calendar til the next election. Time to move on, you may be saying to yourself. The problem is, you are already a changed person due to TPP. The other problem, Obama isn’t playing ‘Just The Tip’.

Thirdly, you could be thinking, ‘I’m just a little fish. I don’t vote, I work at a dispensary or deliver meds, go to school part-time, I can swim through the net.’ WRONG-O!! Even if, and especially if you are sleeping on a mattress filled with cash. There is no net, my friend, there is only a fish bowl and Obama is about to put a cap over the mouth of that bowl, but so far, you still have time to jump the shark.

Think of it, 80% of a country’s wealth and it was just signed it away unbeknownst to most people in the mainstream and all of the cannabis activists who don’t cross politic to adjacent causes. Obama locked in the mainstream but that 20% is the very robust ‘black market’. I don’t think I have to spell out the most robust black market of the last 20 years, do I? I wrote a book about that black market called Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green.

You may not think of yourself and your significant other as ‘black market’ or gangsta-ist but in reality it is all semantics. ‘Underground’ is what they call you when they like you or your product. ‘Black market’ is what they call you when they covet your product and want you out of the way. As the black market/underground relies on cash, that is the rug Obama is going to pull. He is going to eliminate cash, or rather cash value, catching all those napping completely asleep.

Look around, catch the stories about Greece, find what happened to the Swiss Franc a month ago, then look at all that cheese stuffing your mattress, or coffee can. It’s paper with a value. Obama is smart enough to game the system as he did with fast track. We are not dealing with ordinary people, folks. But we are not ordinary either. For the conclusion to this article topic, see DEM CHANGES Part II, in the 420nurses blog section, appearing soon. For reference see the Memoirs Chapter 20 serialization at the blog archive for background.

PT Rothschild

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