Due to the complexity and general urgency of this topic, the conclusion of Dem Changes is being presented here rather than the 420nurses blog site. It is still recommended that you find and read the serialized version of Memoirs, Chapter 20, in the 420nurses blog archive understand the full meaning of what is to be revealed here. Remember, the more you know is the more you know.

With the enactment of the TPP and other trade agreements, the government, at present the Obama Administration, has sovereignty over 80% of the commerce market through main stream avenues. Only the cash or physical currency market remain free, or ‘free’. We must look at money here, and value. If you have a rig and some shatter, then you sell it to me for 100 dollars and I hand you a C-note, you accept that paper currency because you can take that same C-note and exchange it for $100 in retail for $100 total of marked goods/services. Or you can bank it and accumulate. The value of the paper is set by the design and the government/private Federal Reserve.

Ch 20 of Memoirs contains the dream of Bible king Nebuchanezzer from the Book of Daniel, chapter 2. Nebby was the king that started the money system and also started coinage [gold coins with his profile like Lincoln’s]. Because of this new trade system, God sent him a powerful dream. Daniel explained the king’s part of the dream to Nebby and gained unnatural renown from being at the right place, at the right time. See Daniel 2, KJV.

Ch 20 goes into more detail but the important thing to know is that Obama had a very similar powerful dream which he wrote about in Dreams Of My Father, his autobiography. In his version of the dream, this image chases him through the woods and then towers above and before him in a brightly lit meadow.

The image in both dreams is Mammon, the god of money. This god in idol form now sits at the heart of Wall Street for all to see and worship. For the king to have this dream at the beginning of the money system means Obama’s dream signals the end of the money system. Except it isn’t the end of the money system, just the end of the physical money system. Obama is going to transfer the value of money to a bitcoin style system of digital money and rid of our crushing debt. That slight of hand will eliminate the poor who can only function on physical money since they lack any tech services and move the middle class that relies on cash reserves to the nueveux destitute.

What is the timeline? Researching rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of the best seller, ‘The Secret of The Shemitah’ has a timeline around September 23, a matter of months away. While he knows something is coming, only you readers here are getting the narrowed down view based on a number of indicators including those in Memoirs which have come more into focus these last few months.

What is digital money? It is a new system of monetary value. Dealing in cash in this 20% market segment, what you need to do is exchange that cash value into another currency that isn’t American dollars, real or digital. There are seven reserve currencies available and other currencies beyond that. Try to pick one that isn’t in the news. This can make you a day trader of your funds if you want. Go here to learn about this new system and how you can fit into it. You must also set up your business dealings to do business this way.

With bitcoin/digital money, you become your own bank. Don’t trust the banks, no problem, you are your own bank. You store or move funds and you have no FDIC rules to hamper you. Also you don’t have long to wait. The financial situation grows shakier by the day. Read up and research bitcoin, blockchain, etc. When you hear of this in the news it will be too late.

Disclaimer: I wrote Memoirs as a book to sell but the last chapter, Chapter 20, was always meant as a prophecy. After I joined the 420nurses and started writing blogs, along with seeing the genuine love for one another in the organization as a whole, I knew who that chapter was really meant for. It was then decided [by me thanks to self publishing] to make that chapter free to all members to access exclusively. Live long and prosper. One Love.

PT Rothschild

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