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June 19, 2016: ‘Dadankfest’ kicked off at a downtown Los Angeles location that resided in a large parking space directly under a freeway. As the hot summer day beat down on the city, guests were able to take in shade under the thick concrete and enjoy few of the vendors who gathered together for the festivities. With a variety of extract vendors, edible producers, and flower developers such as Golden Grizzly California, Smurfs Extracts, Dextracts, Munchies Edibles, Pau Hana Supply Co., Kandiez Kreations, Dank Tank, Galactic Hempire, Slactavis, G PharmaLabs, and many others, the event led well on into the late afternoon with a host of over 20 different music performers.

We spoke with the developers to learn a little more about the event:

“We came up the concept of the ‘Dadankfest’ over the past 3 months. From the very start we received a ton of support and were very happy to have the encouragement of all the vendors who were willing to contribute to our event. We wanted to build on the tradition of providing and highlighting the positivity found in the local cannabis culture and community. We hope to continue this tradition as the industry continues to evolve.”

We’d like to say thank you to the members, vendors, and promoters who helped make ‘DaDankFest’ possible. For more information on any of their future events, you can visit them on social media at:







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