Dab Crown 2: Shut Down

June 11. 2016- It was a disappointing sight as the Los Angeles Dab Crown 2 was forced to end prematurely due to police presence. Reports / accounts of both vendors and event goers sneaking in alcohol was allegedly the reason behind the shut down.

The event began at 2pm at a downtown location that was announced the day of the event. As event goers flocked together to enjoy the music, food, and friendly cannabis competition, they were rewarded with an engaging and enjoyable experience. VIP ticket holders were given the opportunity of building their own goody bags via their Dab Crown VIP Vouchers. (There were reports of some vendors who did not adhere to the Dab Crown VIP giveaways, however there were still plenty of vendors who were happy to offer their various options to VIP ticket holders.)

The tucked away location consisted of two separate rooms in which guests could partake in the various products available. With too many wonderful vendors to list, the event was sure to keep qualified patients from a disappointing time. That unpleasantness took place around 6:30 when several police vehicles drove upon the facility. The mood quickly sobered and event goers were simply told to pack up and call it a day. No arrests were made however this left a very disappointing experience for patients simply enjoying a conventional cannabis get together.

Comment from Dab Crown:

“We are extremely sorry for the early shut down and for any unfortunate mishaps regarding the vendors. We also want to thank everyone; the vendors, the patients, and the performers, and everyone who came out to support our event. We’ll be returning to the drawing board and coming back with a bulletproof strategy for next time. We hope that you’ll come and enjoy.”

For more information on any future events that will be taking place, you can visit their social media at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dab-Crown-115521025474395/?fref=ts

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dabcrownofficial/





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