D.A.R.E Accidentally Publishes Article Based on an Anti Pot Satire

D.A.R.E Accidentally Publishes Article Based on an Anti Pot Satire

The infamous anti drug organization ‘D.A.R.E.’ earlier this week blatantly and ignorantly briefly published an anti pot satire article on their website as a non-fictional post before receiving viral media attention for their mishap. The organization which saw it’s prime during the 80’s and 90’s spreading a zero tolerance policy on drugs to youth quickly removed the article but a copy was stored in the Internet Archive. The program has in recent studies been shown to have been completely “ineffective,” to the generations it affected; to which are findings I firmly agree with.


The article published on their site was primarily focused around fictitious  edibles called “Gummy Satans” and “Uncle Tweety’s Chewy Flipper” claiming “Huffington post reported* 9 college students have died from these Marijuana candies. New reports** from Coachella confirm one young man has died after eating a handful of these dangerous home-brewed gummies.”


To even further the ludicrous commendations D.A.R.E. added statements such as “Marijuana advocates love to argue that pot is not dangerous. But breaking down the report from Huffington Post right now reveals the tragic truth: Marijuana is dangerous, especially in candy form.” and “Immediately, we see Marijuana in the bloodstream is causing life and death situations to take place. If pot was still illegal, perhaps neither of the prior stories would have developed. It is sad that in a country as developed as America, such third world drugs such as Marijuana are allowed to exist.” Lastly I cannot forget this other statement that has my blood boiling “I knew this day would come, when a liberal president allowed a state to legally sell Marijuana Flinstone Vitamins to children. What are the consequences? Let us turn to science” We live in year 2015, and yet articles are being published with info relevant to the Reefer Madness era?


As a fellow stoner of our community I am outraged that such bias statements could be published further slandering all the benefits Cannabis provides. With Marijuana still having a death toll of: 0, and it being around since B.C. times and all- I think it’s safe to say an edible/inhaling Cannabis isn’t going to put you six feet under!

For D.A.R.E. to say Cannabis is a ‘third world’ drug is sheer and utter ignorance considering the fact that, had we not in America grown hemp as a cash crop during our founding years, we would have absolutely no guarantee to say we would be as well developed and as “first world” a country as we are today. D.A.R.E. Posts Anti Pot Satire Lastly turning to science, it shows that Cannabis helps with treating many ailments, mental disorders, pains and helps patients with day to day life. CBD’s have been shown to reduce in size or completely diminish cancerous tumors in Humans.

420 and i'm baked darling, like an apple pie pin-up

So, there is one thing I agree with D.A.R.E. on: ‘Let’s turn to science,’ because with every new conclusive study coming out we are realizing now more than ever before just how many benefits Cannabis brings forth to mankind. Thanks D.A.R.E. !



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  • Summer Rain
    May 15, 2015, 8:50 pm

    great blog , anti-pot anything is a waste of time


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