Congratulations Official 420nurse Intern Youneek

Congratulations Official 420nurse Intern Youneek

A member since November 30, 2014, 420nurse Intern Youneek became an intern the very first day she joined the site.  In just 1 day of street promotion, Youneek extended 6 business reviews! Gradually becoming more and more active over these last few months, has brought Youneek a great amount of fans, a higher following on all social networks,  gigs and casting calls in the cannabis community, and much more.



Living in Los Angeles, it is amazing to meet a gem like Youneek. A sweet, young individual with a motivated mind on her shoulders! Consistency is key with 420nurses and it just goes to show, that how fast  you move up in rank is not based on 420nurses, but on the individual!


An official intern should take 420nurses as a lifestyle. Just that should be noticeable through the to fans, peers, and everyone on the network. Recruiting girls wherever you go, wearing your gear on a day to day basis, staying positive and growing in the network THAT is what gives you the traits of an official. 420nurses wants motivated individuals with heart and consistency and our officials should understand the general basics of 420nurses and have now bridged over to new goals. If you have individual questions on how you fully live the 420nurses lifestyle, don’t hesitate to ask another official or chapter leader. We want to help you move forward and be the best that YOU can be.


Becoming an Official Intern is a title that is earned and maintain by staying active, wearing the 420nurses gear , showing up to events to network build and grow as a 420Nurse . Official Intern Youneek has uploaded photos, uploaded 8 blogs, extended at least 8 business reviews, attended promotional events, worked casting calls and has been an active member of the Los Angeles 420nurses chapter.



420nurses is the only modern promotional networking company of its kind. We are women in action and these guidelines are set for us all to succeed.



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  • jasnique
    March 21, 2015, 4:54 pm

    Thank you sooooo much for the recognition!!! I am very thankful for all that The 420Nurses community has to offer, as well as what they have helped me with! I hope to grow with this brand and movement, and I hope to make a difference in the most beneficial way possible for all us cannabis consumers !!!(; you guys are AWESOME!!! THANX AGAIN FOR THE OPPORTUNITIES<33333 <420


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