Congratulations New Official 420Nurses

Congratulations New Official 420Nurses

An official intern should take the 420nurses as a lifestyle. Just that intention should be noticeable through the logo use to fans, peers, and everyone on the network. Recruiting girls wherever you go, wearing your gear on a day to day basis, staying positive and growing in the network THAT is what gives you the traits of an official intern.

The 420nurses want motivated individuals with heart to have consistency showing that our official interns understand the general basics that a 420Nurse has now bridged over past setbacks to move on to new goals. If you have individual questions on how you can fully live the 420nurses lifestyle, don’t hesitate to ask another official or chapter leader. We want to help you move forward and be the best that YOU can be.

420nurse Intern HannahBananaKush is a cute red head from Bremerton, Washington, who stands for much more than the typical model. 420nurses uniquely combines the lifestyles we all share; cannabis, modeling, activism, sisterhood. In order to move up in any system or in life you must go through stages. The speed of how you move up is not determined by us but yourself. If you’re a motivated individual that can stay positive when all odds are against you, then you are already one step closer into moving up. To move up in the ranks of the 420nurses you do not have to live in LA, California. You can live anywhere in the world! All that is required is passion, dedication and love for the 420nurses lifestyle.

“I have always wanted to do some type of modeling, and every time I would go and audition or send in pics, whatever the case may have been, I was never thin, tall or perfect enough for them. So the 420nurses mixed modeling and my already medicine together.”  – HannahBananaKush


420nurses staff wanted to congratulate Hannah Banana Kush in her dedication and consistency over the time she’s been a part of, and she continues to strive for the future! HannahBananaKush is now the first official Intern of the Emerald City Chapter of 420nurses!


“This is such an awesome opportunity for beautiful stoner girls of all shapes and sizes to express themselves and live out there own dreams. I am excited to see where this is going to take me. Thank you for all the love and support so far, Everyone. We are all gifted, so just stay lifted, Everyone. ” – HannahBananaKush

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