As the country gears up to the election of the first enemy for the state since Marta Harri, California faces a different but connected menace. The DEA has determined to reschedule marijuana from it’s Schedule 1 as a useless but heavily patented drug to Schedule 2, a category requiring a tightly controlled prescription written not by doctors in today’s Prop 215 system.

420 and why to legalize

Not content to tax any of the other 50K products for hemp or insert the 9999 other sativa product uses for medical marijuana into the insurance schedule, the Establishment-owned government system at both the state and Federal levels continues to push their malarkey out onto the voters. Cali Dems trying to unite with Washington push Prop 64 as ‘the best way to be legal for now,’ the same line of guff used with Prop 19, their failed attempt to railroad California cannabis a few years ago.

Hillary and George Soros

Fighting these efforts put forth by George Soros‘ main armpit buddy, Hillary Clinton, the Empire’s most despised female since Lizzy Borden, is a ragtag band of noble ‘black market’ provocateurs known to some as the Pot Goonies, led by crackerjack lawyer and activist, Letitia Pepper. The Big Pharma survivor of meds so whacked she was declared ‘insane’ once, Letitia joins other survivors like Debbie Coleman, showing her progress here in just a year’s time away from all the Dr. Frankenstein drugs.

SoCalCannabisExpo 414

SoCalCannabisExpo 413

The Green Life Granny, Lisa High [yes, her real last name] who now lives in Colorado and uses marijuana instead of Merck, also displayed her before and after shots of dealing with Big Pharma at the recent SoCal Cannabis Expo in San Diego.

SoCalCannabisExpo 412

Today’s cannabis market is no longer made up of old withered stoners, crusty survivors who ranks have been infiltrated by the pot smoking members of the CIA and failed attempts at real legalization or today’s youth, racked by the leftover side effects from GMO foods, HFCS, and the autism related schedule of forced vaccinations.

Autism mmr vaccine relation chart

Today’s cannabis market has been enjoined by both youthful canna-savvy techies and mainstream medical meds survivors. The three groups do not all believe in the same pot policy and the Establishment NGOs have the loudest voices. However, the forces fighting to save cannabis, not marijuana, from the clutches of capitalism are not going away quietly into the night of evil queens and shadow dealings when everyone’s well-being is at stake.

420 and here's looking up your skirt

Starting this evening and running until Saturday evening, the Pot Goonies are fanning out to blitz the true message about cannabis, the evil of Prop 64, and to go out amongst them who seek to do evil toward Mary Jane Green. The Goonies will also join in with the good guys as the Friday Night Sesh kicks back off this weekend, same pot time, same pot channel, heh, heh.

Tonight’s No Prop 64 discussion starts with Letitia Pepper appearing at 6pm on

Friday Night Sesh with 6 nurses and props

Friday the World’s most recognized cannabis culture patient model group, the 420Nurses, again host their sassy and fabulous Friday Night Sesh event, the ‘house party’ with patient vendors from in-state California.

West LA AUMA Protest 4-10-2016 037

On Saturday morning, The Cannabis Education Forum (CEF) in sponsorship with the City of West Hollywood invites the public to a free educational event entitled “The Golden State of Cannabis” in the Council Chambers of West Hollywood, on current canna-issues. The free event will start sharply at 10:00 AM and continue throughout the day until 6:00 PM. Details and registration can found here.

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