First reported by Weedmaps, everybody’s locator and last week’s big San Diego Expo sponsor for cannabis industry futures, it seems the DEA isn’t waiting for the coming election to happen before swearing allegiance to the heir apparent, the Establishment’s sworn protector, Hillary Clinton. This move by the DEA is as unprecedented as the visit by Bill Clinton to Loretta Lynch, the anti-MMJ head of the [so-called] Justice Dept five days before the ‘no-indictment’ call made by the FBI.

(03/01/2016 New Bedford, MA) President William Jefferson Clinton speaks to the crowd as he visits the Buttonwood Senior Center to stump for his wife in the democratic primary on Super Tuesday, March 1, 2016. Staff Photo by Matt West.

(03/01/2016 New Bedford, MA) President William Jefferson Clinton speaks to the crowd as he visits the Buttonwood Senior Center to stump for his wife in the democratic primary on Super Tuesday, March 1, 2016. Staff Photo by Matt West. Photo proof of electioneering fragrant violation. No charges.

At 71yrs of age, having lived through the infamous Eisenhower shaming by the Gary Powers Incident, the Gulf of Tomlin false flag start to the Vietnam ‘police action’ [War], Agent Orange denials for 20 year by Monsanto, JFK’s hit, and Loose Change, the present Hillary scheme is the pick of the litter in audacity and more complex than anyone imagines. Please as you start this report, rip a bowl, do a vape, or chow a tasty edible, then say a prayer, blessing, or courtesy to Mother Nature, for things to remain the same as before the election concerning cannabis, now renamed and rescheduled under the name of marijuana.

Though Prop 64, Hillary Clinton, and the Bible book of Daniel may seem all disjointed, trust me fellow mmjrs, you have to be as old as me to see the connection because this whole plan started long before any of us were born. The year was 1913. It was the year American citizens were enslaved by the IRS, the Federal Reserve [so named as to fool the taxpaying public], and cannabis was made illegal in Los Angeles with the very first bust under a new law that dealt with marijuana, not cannabis, a wizard herb known about for thousands of generations and through all cultures for numerous products [ISBN 0-9629872-2-0].

420 and the plant cannabis

As revealed in more detail during the analysis given in Chapter 20 [Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, Amazon,] or Ch 20 segments in blog archives under PT420, the second chapter of Daniel deals historically with the king who invented the money system, a system that would one day overtake the barter system as the chief means of commerce. Because this king, Nebuchadnezzar, started the system, he was sent a vision of things to come regarding his inspired scheme. The part we are concerned with is the very end of the vision because that shows the end of the money system based on gold, silver, diamonds, and things of the earth, or from the earth.

The vision shows a money system that at first uses precious metals, starting with gold in Nebby’s day and still a benchmark today, on down to the present petro-dollar use given in cryptic language as a mixture of iron [drill bits] and clay [earth layer just before oil strike], even to indicating the non-cohesiveness of the people using the resource versus those owning the majority of it. None of this was discernible before the present age of knowledge about the oil industry so you won’t find this anywhere orthodox, but plug and play this info into Daniel 2, or buy my book for the fuller explanation [cause this one has ‘more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy’ to quote the Bard].

Memoirs back book cover010

Oil and all fossil fuel use is a dying breed but the people who have made more money almost than God from monopolizing the resources don’t plan on turning over the reins to anyone outside their money circle, when it comes to the next big thing. But rich people don’t sweat it, they pay others to do their dirty work for them. If you’re rich, you want someone who loves money and power as much as you do. With Hillary Clinton, they’re found their man.

Hillary and Walmart 2

Just as the research for alcohol being a non-toxic motor fuel was killed by the public campaign against alcohol to drink [drunkenness, slovenliness], so cannabis fell victim to the same disinformation campaign but for different reasons. This time some utopian think tank fantasized a ‘what if you had a plant-based commerce system instead of a mineral-based. What if we owned the plant?’ The egg was laid 103yrs ago and now it is about to hatch at the birth place of the original smokescreen, California, in the guise of Prop 64. Amazingly the one link to this whole scheme was again delivered by Everything420 gallant weed warrior, the lawyer who validated the very first prediction forecast in Memoirs, the lady all the Swerdlows and baby Swerdlows love to hate on, Letitia Pepper, seen below in several action shots showing her righteousness toward our God-delivered herb [Gen 1:11, 29, 30].

Letitia Pepper arrested 2013

Letitia with Fox News in Sac for AUMA conference March 2016

letitia on hempradio

This latest attempt at derailment by all the Queen’s Men hinges on the passage of Prop 64 to remove medical marijuana from the access of the needy and place it in the hands of the greedy. When you take $60,000,000,000 a year in Medicare taxpayer funded fraud, divide by 809,845 active doctors in medical care, that averages $74088.25 a year in Medical fraud a doctor. This amount of money is on top of actually services performed and billed correctly. Hillary’s Schedule 2 rescheduling hands our Prop 215 to the people already unaccountable to anyone, unscrupulous or above the law, by requiring doctors who know or believe nothing good about cannabis to be the only source for a required medical marijuana prescription. This is set to phase in for California in the 2018, January, provided Prop 64 passes.

AUMA under bus

Prop 64, which started out as Initiative No. 16-103, the state government’s plan to legalize marijuana, was also known as AUMA or the Adult Use Marijuana Act. The reasons for the various item name changes is to keep people slightly confused but always hearing the same ‘legalization this way’ theme song.

Defeat of Prop 64 at the California level is the NWO’s most vulnerable point; it is the eye of the kraken that we all fight, whether it be Wall Street, Flacking, Chem-trails aka Geo-engineering, GMOs, mandatory vaccinations, police brutality, or the MIC. All these enterprises take money. Cut the money line and the beast will die. No on Prop 64 [AUMA] in November.


Coming Soon – Exposing Prop 64 Propaganda By The Numbers

PT Rothschild

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