First scooped in the Temecula Calendar news story, GMO Pot predicted in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green (Amazon) was acknowledged officially by Obama in that clever way lawyer politicians have when dealing with the general electorate. Though backed with a confirmation by Letitia Peppers in this story also, it’s extremely nice to get GMO Pot validation from someone who’s not a Kennedy.

Now comes the man some erroneously called our first black President, Bill ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton, to confirm the GMO Pot announcement our ‘official’ first black President made back in January before the first two pot deaths EVER. And the man who said he “never inhaled” [he and Hillary reported ate ‘brownies’ because there was no telltale smoke scent residue] made this confirmation in Denver to boot. Wonder if the ex-Prez got some medibles? Of course he did.

Clinton in Denver 2014

In town for his Rocky Mountain High and his foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, reporters asked Clinton a number of theme questions, ranging from Iraq to Benghazi to his wife. But it is the next statement that draws particular attention for medical marijuana patients. Stoners should also pay heed. This is the coming of pot that has 142 patents on it.

‘On Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana, Clinton made a joke — “Rocky Mountain high?” — and then said that it was a matter best left to the states, including on developing quality controls. “There’s pot and there’s [GMO] pot,” he said. “What’s in it? What’s going to happen? There are all these questions.”’

Go here for the full report.

PT Rothschild

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