Chicago Kidnapping Torture on Brittany Herring’s Facebook “Special Needs Kid”

Evil has no limit and these 4 racist individuals yes I said racist black individuals have no place with our society. The media is quick to call out any white person a racist but when it comes to black people they think they are not capable of being racist. These people tortured a helpless special needs, a person with the mind capacity of a child. In a sense they were torturing a child. The victim’s only crime was that he was “White” and helpless. As I watched the raw video I could not imagine people were capable of such a dirty crime. They kidnapped, beat, humiliated, and that was not enough. They used his fresh cut that they inflicted as an ash try. WTF. I have a disabled brother and this personally causes me so much anger against these individuals. I hope the law throws the book at them and puts them in jail for life.

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Doc Blah Blah

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  • destiny
    November 27, 2020, 5:45 pm

    get fucked retard BLM hahahaa


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