Something big is happening, a wave within the cannabis community is quietly building from within the deep blue depths. A group of chemists throughout the cannabis industry have been growing in number since last year. They could stand to join the American Chemical Society (ACS) as a technical division and provide opportunities for education, collaboration, and networking.

The American Chemical Society (ACS) is a U.S. based non-profit organization dedicated to the scientific study and progression in the field of chemistry. Founded in 1876, it has significantly grown over the years to include over 150,000+ members at all degree levels across many different fields of chemical and scientific study.

Since October 2014 there has been a petition to create a new division within the ACS designed specifically for cannabis chemists. The proposed division would be dedicated to providing new insights and advancements in cannabis science, study, technology, and methodology. Some of the things the proposed division will seek to accomplish include;


-Providing technical information through the publication of a scholarly journal,

-Developing a mentor program.

-Create symposia that will communicate new findings and proceedings.

-Develop awareness and opportunities for chemists who want to become part of the cannabis industry.

The petition was started by Ezra Pryor. A member of the ACS and the CEO of EZ Chem Consultations, a company dedicated to providing information on safe, economical, and efficient extraction, infusion, and production methods of various cannabis products.

“Our goals are threefold; to promote and develop industry standards and practices, to foster relationships between academia, industry, and government, and provide opportunities for networking and professional development.

There is also a lot of misinformation in the industry. Many people who want to have an active role in cannabis don’t have access to the proper methods and are left without the fundamental aspects of good practices. This comes at the fault of the industry itself for not providing cleaner and clearer guidance”

The coat of arms pictured above is the crest used to represent the proposed division and what it would stand for. In the crest there are four small symbols. First is the medical cross to represent that cannabis is indeed a medicine. Next to it is the trident of Shiva to honor the plants place in both history and meditation. The hemp rope is to represent it’s place in agriculture, factory, and textile. And finally the cornucopia of cannabis seeds, to represent it’s place as food and nourishment.

To learn more about the efforts of the Cannabis Chemistry Division Committee, feel free to visit the petition website.

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Ezra Pryor

CEO of EZ Chem Consultations.

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