Cha Cha VaVoom’s Stoney Superbowl Birthday

Cha Cha VaVoom’s Stoney Superbowl Birthday

On February 1st millions of people around the nation sat down around the television and watched the Superbowl. The typical Superbowl party ends up being comprised of chips, soda, beer, and various other snacks. What happens at a 420Nurses Superbowl party you ask? Well come along to see how the 420Nurses celebrate both 420Nurses President Cha Cha VaVoom’s birthday and the Superbowl.

Of course there's cake and Stella Blaze will dish it up!

Of course there’s cake and Stella Blaze will dish it up!

Like any typical party there was plenty of food including a football shaped cake. 420Nurses brought food for the potluck such as salad, chips, eclair cake, fried chicken and popcorn. To make sure everyone was well fed Vader Extracts had dozens of pizzas delivered to the 420Nurses Studio. And like every 420Nurses event before, there were even medicated treats.


Walk upstairs to the studio area and watch the Big Game on any of three high definition television screens while you are dabbed out by Vader Extracts then sample the various Cannabis companies that sponsored this event. The vendors include Honey Pot Bear which brought their signature honey straws for guests to try all day. Punch Edibles also showed up for Cha Cha’s birthday to enhance their visibility and test out how patients would react to this sensibly sized medicated chocolate.

The Green Grin made by Crush glass was debuted as well to see the reactions to this disposable pipe that looks like a cigarette. This one hitter is only a dollar and is being sold by the Clinik in Woodland Hills so that patients always have a way to smoke their meds on the go! As well Highgasm, the medicated lube, was present for patients to buy samples.

No SuperBOWL is complete without 420 Football!

No SuperBOWL is complete without 420 Football!

In the room off to the side of the studio was where patients could compete in 420 Football. The idea of the game is to see who can clear an entire bowl in one hit and hold it for as long as possible. The length of time that they hold it is how many yards that were traveled. It’s a fun game and a great way to get stoned quickly.

Another event that tested one’s stoner abilities was the Dab Gauntlet held at the end of the night. This is the contest to see who can take the most dabs in a row. The game is simple, the first 4 dabs are 30 seconds apart, the next 4 are 20 seconds apart, and every dab after is 10 seconds apart. The winner was Blazen Babez Photography from Big Bear who took 31 dabs far surpassing anyone else in the competition.

Medicated Pinata filled with bud, wax, and edibles

Medicated Pinata filled with bud, wax, and edibles

Like any good Birthday party there was Pinata time. 420Nurses took turns to swing at a football filled with candy, and a pot leaf filled with cannabis goodies. All your wild childhood memories of running for candy rushed back in your mind as the pinata broke and people ran for the opportunity to grab Vader Extracts, Remedy Plus Edibles, and Paris OG. It was utter pandemonium and all the participants were able to get a treat in hand and have a smile on their faces.

Happy Birthday Cha Cha Va Voom!

Happy Birthday Cha Cha Va Voom!

Everyone gathered around and sung Happy Birthday to celebrate an amazing woman who has been able to bring together so many people. She’s connected patients and businesses around the globe. She encourages women to fulfill their dreams and grow as models, activists, and leaders. So Happy Birthday Cha Cha Va Voom! You are truly an inspiring woman of the Cannabis industry. Thanks for all that you do for the 420Nurses!


Lexi Leggo and birthday girl, Cha Cha Va Voom


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  • lexileggo
    February 25, 2015, 1:49 am

    I am so happy I could celebrate chachas birthday with her and everyone. So many faces I havent seen in so long. Playing 420football was so much fun also somethin I havent done in so long. Watching everyone go crazy over the pinata was also a lot of fun! The party went longet than expected however everyone had a blast. Thank you to everyone came out


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