CCA 710: Concentrates Connoisseur Accessories

CCA 710: Concentrates Connoisseur Accessories

Advancements in design approaches, materials, and simple re-adjustments have paved the way to innovative quality concentrate tools that effectively reinvent the way they are consumed. Among the many manufacturers that produce top quality products, there is one company that truly stands out among the rest: Concentrates Connoisseur Accessories (CCA710). CCA710 is a Colorado based company

Advancements in design approaches, materials, and simple re-adjustments have paved the way to innovative quality concentrate tools that effectively reinvent the way they are consumed. Among the many manufacturers that produce top quality products, there is one company that truly stands out among the rest: Concentrates Connoisseur Accessories (CCA710).

CCA710 is a Colorado based company that was founded in January 2015. Their GR2 titanium designs are produced to create a truly unique dabbing experience. What makes these products special is the efficient use of heat obtained from standard coils, whereas many companies rely on flat coils or barrel coils that are positioned below the vaporization surface, CCA makes full use of standard coil designs by allowing them to surround the vaporization dish creating a more efficient heat distribution. This huge benefit grants the ability to utilize lower temperature settings and gives much greater control over vaporization.

We spoke with Josh B. of CCA710 to find out more about these amazing titanium products.
“Like many others, I found myself spending enormous amounts of money on products that were great, yet had lots of room for improvement- so one day I decided to design myself a nail. Ever since then I’ve found myself driven to figuring out how to make everything more functional, I’ll continue to improvise and improve all of the products I produce while at the same time keeping the consumer in mind. Due to my success in partnering with great domestic suppliers I am able to offer my products at a lower price then some of my competitors.”

The original creations – known as the Zeus and Liger V.1 series were amazing designs, making extremely efficient use of the heat provided by 16mm coils. Both were able to accommodate various sized vapor rigs regardless of male or female attachments.  The V.1 Zeus used a side mounted straight air-pathway to provide a large vaporization surface and three heat syncs to divert temperatures away from the glass rig it’s attached to. The V.1 Liger made use of a side-banger design with a connection to hold the enail coil safely in place, a direct inject down stem was also incorporated to keep daily oil residue away from the connection to which it’s attached. Although the V.1 series is no longer available, like a phoenix from the ashes they have re-risen to into an even more unique and amazing form.

For those in need of the ultimate connoisseur dabbing experience, CCA710 has pushed the boundaries with their V.2 series. These products set themselves apart by combining several innovations that drastically improve performance and reliability, and efficiency.

The Zeus V.2 is a full fledged advancement in dabbing technology. The large vaporization dish and air pathway that made the V.1 successful still remain, but below it lies a secondary dish that vaporizes material that typically collects along the air intake, reducing the amount of reclaim buildup that occurs with daily use. A direct inject has also been incorporated to keep unwanted residue away from the glass joint to which it is attached. It is available in either 16mm or 20mm designs and can be adjusted to accommodate both 10/14/18mm males or 14/18mm females.


CCA710 Zeus V.2 Vapor Bucket.

The V.2 Liger enters a class all its own by combining even more innovation into it’s design. The improved side-banger is available in either 16mm or 20mm versions. It uses the same locking feature that keeps the coil safely in place, however the sidearm has an additional locking mechanism which allows adjustment of the vapor bucket. This allows it to remain perfectly straight regardless of whether it’s attached to a 45 or 90 degree angled downstem. It has the direct inject system for better residue control and easy cleaning, it can accommodate 14/18mm male and female glass joints, and it can also accommodate bowl inserts made of either quartz or the specialized material silicon carbide (SiC). (For those who still don’t know, silicon carbide is a ceramic material that is becoming one of the highest standards in dabbing technology. In addition to containing some of the best thermal properties available, SiC nails are also extremely easy to clean, maintain, and produce zero undesirable taste. ) The 16mm quartz or SiC inserts can also be used with the V.1 Liger for those who already own one.


CCA710 Liger V.2 next to both the quartz and silicon carbide (SiC) inserts.

To improve the efficiency of their products even further, CCA has developed specialty carb caps that fit with all Zeus and Liger models.

The Storm Cell Cap is designed with 4 precisely angled holes that form a mini tornado within the vapor dish. This causes the material within to spread itself evenly across the vaporization surface. By utilizing the newly designed Carb Adjust, the user can tune their cap to the current rig in use. This will greatly improve the function of the carb cap by granting the user full control over the amount of air forced into the vaporization dish and therefore the internal atmospheric pressure. The tip and handle are both threaded allowing the user to switch between different dabber tips and grants the ability to switch between dabbing and carbing at the same end, or the classic dab-flip-carb technique. Each Storm Cell includes it’s threaded handle, carb cap w/holes, a pointed Wedge tip, the Notch tip, the Spoon tip, and the Quill tip (designed to have minimal mass for dabbing efficiency.)


A disassembled gold Storm Cell Cap next to it’s multicolored assembled counterpart.

The Honey Hole Cap is a different take on traditional carb-cap functionality. Instead of using angled holes the dabber and inner handle are hollow which directs the carbed air closer to the vaporization surface. This design actively pulls the air across the dabber tip allowing it to stay cool and grants users the ability to load dab after dab without having to wait for the tip to cool down. What makes the Honey Hole additionally stand out is it’s dab/carb at the same end design as opposed to the traditional dab-flip-carb.
The Honey Hole will come equipped with it’s hollow handle / carb cap with no holes, a pointed tip, and a quill head tip.


Gold Honey hole cap and dab tips next to an assembled version.

For further customization, CCA710 provides anodized color options as well as two special mini sword dabbers: the Uruk-High and the Spartan Warrior. If coils aren’t available, standard torches can be used to efficiently heat any of CCA’s quality titanium products. (To help preserve anodized colors, it is recommended to only use coil heat.)


(Left) The Uruk-High (Right) The Spartan Warrior

“In the marketplace of ideas, innovation is survival. CCA710 strives to achieve an equal balance between proven functionality, innovation, and creativity with every design. We directly focus on providing guaranteed stellar quality by creating partnerships with only the best companies in the industry.”

We would like to say thank you to Josh B. for taking the time to inform us about CCA’s amazing contributions to the dabbing industry. For more information on CCA710 or any of their products, you can visit them at:

Photos by: CCA710 and Matthew Lopez


CCA 710’s assembled dabbing setups.

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