CBDs From Patient To Patient

CBDs From Patient To Patient

Today 90% of the topics about cannabis are product availability and industry news. Availability includes whether your local location is cannabis friendly. Is it progressive on the back of the THC market of cannabis but still in the much underappreciated CBD back lot? Not illegal but riding on the coattails of THC cannabis, the CBD market is made of both hemp and cannabis CBDs, some including flavors. Also it must be stated that no THC (stoner) products are sold at this boutique location. All products carried here are legal and useful.

How do CBDs work? Simply put, they are consumed much like the THC variety except there is no high or stony feeling to your relief. The pain or nausea is simply gone. You go from being afflicted to normal, able to function like the general population. Let’s say that you suffer from crippling back soreness due to advanced arthritic joint pain. Your previous meds prescribed left you vegetated way past couch-lock. With CBDs your pain is gone and you feel very little or no disjointedness, no arthritis, and no side effects.

If you are able to travel to San Fernando Valley out Canoga Park way, the 420Nurses Boutique is home to ‘after the weed, we’re all you need’ philosophy. That definitely includes all things CBD and then some. More than a glass shop or place to get your adult Halloween costume this year, the 420Nurses Boutique is a wealth of CBD knowledge. Though no one discounts academia, empirical or actual knowledge is worth more than theory. Hence the latest addition to the crew of the boutique at 7240 Topanga Canyon Blvd, just west of the Catholic Church. His name is Ethan and he used to work here, #85 in LA’s Top 100.

The football team-sized clerk wearing the red 420Nurses tee was a chef before coming to work at the Boutique. He didn’t get a better job opportunity to work in a brand new industry. No, he was happy as a chef, a career he had enjoyed professionally for 11 years. Like the 420Nurses who are patients themselves [no matter how good they look], Ethan came to the cannabis scene by fate. He was coming home from a chef job one night in an Uber that was zipping along with another car in front and both had to stop quickly. Both did; problem was the third car, the one behind Ethan, it didn’t swerve and pushed Ethan’s two lower vertebrae out of place. End result, change of careers as insurances sort out options and medicos do the same thing. Ethan also takes CBDs.

Also on staff at the 420Nurses Boutique is VP Summer Rain. Her mother has lupus and her father produces both edible candy squares and N*Fuzed Brand ointments for pain relief. The candy, which is not sold at the Boutique, has THC. The N*Fuzed Brand of CBD products is sold at the Boutique. A customer came in and inquired about CBDs. Summer gave him the 411 on popular types and their benefits, all the while listening to his particular needs. As he mulled over which CBD products fit his desires to not medicate daily with any THC product. Summer then asked him if he was familiar with kratom, something that I had heard of while researching an Indonesian prison called Hotel K, a joint for high end criminals [sorry about the puns. I couldn’t help it.]

Kratom is an ingredient found in Southeast Asia that comes from a coffee bean. Promoted as a substitute for very illegal cannabis, kratom can be made to give a coffee high [upper], or stronger to give relief from opiate addition. As I listened to this product info come forth, I have to admit that I hadn’t expected this tie-in. But then again, nothing should surprise me about the patient model group and information from them about patients. Their arrival into my life was predicted in the last paragraph of my memoir’s book after being called into existence on page 269 [same book] by the Hemperor, Jack Herer, himself [see pot bible, The Emperor Wears No Clothes for Jack Herer’s monumental cannabis contribution].

The Flagship store offers more than sage advice on patients’ needs. Directing the staff and putting a ‘head nurse’ feel is organization President, Chacha, seen below ringing up a customer’s item from the thousands of products on hand. Located in the heart of old town Canoga Park, the store features adult Halloween costumes that fall between your typical Walmart fare and cosplay characters. What can I say? This year I am so over Star Wars for Halloween.

Foot traffic on the busy mercantile strip is varied and the location right next to a Dollar Tree can’t hurt for those who desire down-to-earth values, awesome product selection beyond your mind’s eye, and sound advice by those schooled in cannabis; the 420Nurses and those who stand with them.

This Halloween marks the 9th Anniversary of the 420Nurses’ founding. As Spock would say, “Fascinating. Mwwwaaahaha!”

PT Rothschild

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