• Cannabis and Coronavirus: Reopening Amid Unrest, Virus Spikes

    Cannabis and Coronavirus: Reopening Amid Unrest, Virus Spikes0

    Even as civil unrest continued in cities across the United States, since the May 25 death of George Floyd and several police-involved killings of African Americans, states affected by the coronavirus pandemic attempted to reopen businesses and economies after three months of quarantine restrictions. Currently, there have been more than two million confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S., resulting in

  • What It’s Like To Be In An Open Relationship During COVID-19

    What It’s Like To Be In An Open Relationship During COVID-191

    Written by Brittany Wong, Huffpost. Summer Rain, Chacha and Jimmy Silva live together in Los Angeles as a triad ― meaning, they’re all three in a relationship. Jimmy and Chacha were high school sweethearts who met and fell in love with Summer about seven years ago. The trio “wed” last year, after Jimmy proposed with rings made

  • Cannabis and COVID-19

    Cannabis and COVID-192

    I have been saying this since the epidemic started, cannabis may be linked to preventing contraction of corona virus, and may even be a cure. Not to jump on that bandwagon, but I truly don’t know anyone with covid and I realized almost everyone I know uses cannabis, whether for recreational or medical use, basically

  • #triadwedding


    Well, it’s no secret to the one million plus views racked up on Tiktok and YouTube Sunday 12/15, the day Jimmy Silva married Chacha VaVoom and Summer Rain – Mr. + Mrs. + Mrs. – in a triad wedding ceremony, before friends, family, and also before the viewers on the two aforementioned internet channels. But

  • Improve your mood with healthy food

    Improve your mood with healthy food0

    Sure, you’ve heard that eating fresh, healthy food is good for you. But did you know that eating well can also help support your mental health?   It’s true. In fact, there’s growing evidence pointing to a link between nutrition and mood. A good balanced diet along with regular cannabis consumption is the key to

  • Premium Quality Nectar Stick

    Premium Quality Nectar Stick0

      The evolution of cannabis extracts continues to progress and with it comes new approaches to the way they are are viewed, consumed, and enjoyed. Some companies have chosen to preserve traditional methods while others have employed cutting edge technologies that further advance their end product to a higher standard. Among the many who are extracting and refining the various derivatives needed for cannabis