As the young MMJ crowd turn out for the Cakes By The Pound Tour now making its way across the country and the NCIC-MPP-NORML crowd suffers the same disarray as the DNC/DEMs, a small group of Old School cannabis activists met to reflect and reminisce in the wake of the Trumpet sounding against Prop 64.

  • What trump could mean for Marijuana

    What trump could mean for Marijuana0

    It’s no secret some big changes were made on election day, and that even bigger changes are ahead. Donald trump’s victory shocked millions along with the legalization of Marijuana for either medicinal or recreational use in many states around the nation. As a result of those ballot initiatives, most states now recognize marijuana as a medicine,

  • #TuffysFight: Cannabis for Epilepsy Foundation

    #TuffysFight: Cannabis for Epilepsy Foundation7

    When Tatyana “Tuffy” Rivera was just 10 months old, she suffered a reaction to one of the many, many pharmaceuticals she was given for her epilepsy. She was in severe danger of having her airway closed off and not being able to breathe. “These drugs either did nothing or made her worse,” says Ricardo Rivera,

  • Prop 64 Auma Easy to Understand Guide

    Prop 64 Auma Easy to Understand Guide5

    Under Prop. 62 cannabis would be legalized for adults 21 and older. It would designate state agencies to license and regulate the industry, set up a system of taxes (medical patients are exempt from some), and set restrictions on things like packaging and marketing. Easy to understand Guide. on prop 64. AUMA Cannabis stores will

  • PROP 64 – Letitia Pepper

    PROP 64 – Letitia Pepper0

    “I am an attorney and have been one since 1982. I did my work primarily for California Court of Appeal Justices as well as for a Federal District Court Judge, so my expertise was in neutral evaluations of complex legal and factual situations. I developed Multiple Sclerosis in 1993, but after disastrous side effects from multiple

  • Marijuana DUI testing positive from yesterday’s smoke

    Marijuana DUI testing positive from yesterday’s smoke0

    This story starts with a stay-at-home-mom from the Denver suburbs. Her name is Abby McLean. She’s 30 and lives in Northglenn, Colo. She was driving home from a late dinner with a friend two years ago when she came upon a DUI roadside checkpoint. Abby McLean of Northglenn, Colo., stands near the stretch of U.S.