With the marketplace filling up with so many new products in this golden age of cannabis innovation, sometimes it’s easy to get lost in all the gadgetry. But like the government, cannabis is there to be of service to man, not to be used to enslave man. In that context, we look in on a

With the marketplace filling up with so many new products in this golden age of cannabis innovation, sometimes it’s easy to get lost in all the gadgetry. But like the government, cannabis is there to be of service to man, not to be used to enslave man. In that context, we look in on a person with sleep disorders who is now trying to solve his problematic habit due to the health issues associated with alcohol use on a daily basis. His name is Capt. Tuesday and he was in the Navy.

The Capt and I are old friends from the Golden Era of music here in the valley I call home. Tuesday is a sound man and worked many of the shows I covered in my past music reviewer days. Recently Tuesday returned to the area which I was thrilled about. However, when he told me that he needed to get drunk in order to sleep at night, that was not thrilling. Then a few days ago the Captain called to tell me that he now had his medical marijuana recommendation and he was going to try cannabis as a way to kick his need for alcohol. Bravo, I thought.

This need for alcohol developed as a way to generate sleep, something the Captain suffered from a lack of. However, Tuesday was never a smoker of pot. He smoked cigarettes and still does but he never liked the smell, taste, or the way a drawn hit of burnt marijuana was on the back of his throat. Obviously being a friend of mine and around in the same circles politically, Tuesday knows more about pot than the people trying to be in charge of pot in the government.

Still Tuesday didn’t indulge and the few times he had tried smoking weed, he got paranoid as hell; once waiting for a stop sign to turn green. Today’s undreamed of and unregulated [unstifled] cannabis market of the people brings forth new innovative products almost daily. Tuesday went for the cannabis tincture drops under the tongue method of medicating. The following report is his story, presented here for anyone suffering with the same addiction to alcohol, and you don’t get some peer-reviewed paper from an egghead to know about relief. Real people use word-of-mouth. Just look at the Congressional vaccination record posted below.

vac chart on congress from nbc

“The first day I used a full eyedropper of a CBN tincture [$56] under the tongue, then laid down to try and sleep. The alcohol use had been stopped cold-turkey, despite the doctors saying just to ween myself off the alcohol. You see, I know exactly how much to drink to get the sleep I need. Less alcohol, less sleep.

The CBN put me in a nicely mellow, relaxed mood. There was no head change, no high [feeling], and sadly no sleep. I felt rested the next morning, like ‘ok, time to get up and do shit’ but there was no sleep or REMs. I did enjoy the hallucinations though.”

“After a return visit to my local clinic I returned with a different regiment of advice from my friendly budtender for the second night. This time I tried a half dropper of tincture followed by a 10mg [sectioned] Cheeba Chew, in sativa. Two hours later I followed this up with another 10mg Cheeba Chew, this time an indica. Nights 3-6 were done with a half eyedropper of tincture and a 10mg dose of each [sativa, indica] at the same time..”

“Now don’t get me wrong, I was having very restful nights. I wasn’t dragging the next day at all. I just wasn’t falling asleep. The medication would take me to the gate but not push me through it to sleep. Another visit to my clinic and this time I got some Sensi Chews [infused] with the supplement Melatonin [a substance found in animals, plants, fungi, and bacteria. In animals, it is a hormone that anticipates the daily onset of darkness]. It was day 7 and I got maybe an hour’s sleep that night. It was great!”


“Days 8-10 [yesterday] have been me doing 25mg Sensi Chews with ½ dropper of tincture. As I developed a tolerance, I have added, if necessary a 15-20mg portion of a hybrid Cheeba Chew.”

I then asked him about side effects and how things were going so far.

“I have virtually had NO withdraw symptoms like the DTs or seizures of any kind; nothing worse than mild hand shakes and that becomes less after medicating. My stomach problems are less and I’m less neurotic. And I have a lot less anxiety [now].”

After bidding the Captain adieu following a successful 420 July 4th celebration at one clinic and the introduction to another, I returned to ponder on the coming state effort to monopolize all cannabis proceeds, hamstring the ma&pas, poison the plants, outlaw donations, and counterfeit medical gains; all a part of the forces behind Hillary and Bill Clinton. I was starting to feel a little intimidated by the Goliath of Greed when I remembered like a David, I wrote a book that says this will not happen. But more than that, I reveal why it won’t.


Rear cover text – Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green

As for Captain Tuesday, I plan to keep abreast of his progress and relay the medical research in hopes of helping any readers who may also be suffering from any of the symptoms or addictions mentioned in this report. For any questions, please leave in the comments section and they will be passed to the Captain, with the answer appearing back here in a reply.

PT Rothschild

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