Cannakids Monies for Funnies Fundraiser.

Cannakids Monies for Funnies Fundraiser.


On December 9 2015, the CannaKids foundation held its first ever Monies for Funnies Silent Auction and Comedy Fundraiser at The Parlor restaurant in Los Angeles. With the lovely comedienne Camilla Cleese as the master of ceremonies, sponsors such as WhoaStork, Revivid CBD Products, Original Nectar, our awesome friends at W-Vapes as well as many others, and featuring the amazing comedy talents of Jason Collings, Ben Gleib, Brent Morin, Theo Von, and Joe Kilgallon. This event was held in an effort to bring much needed relief to pediatric cannabis patents during the 2015 holiday season.

The Cannakids foundation is a California Cooperative that has dedicated itself to providing a variety of cannabis based products and services to aide in the treatment of applicable illnesses and ailments. Established in 2013 on the basis of helping pediatric patients who incorporate cannabis into their therapeutic regimen they continue to offer support and assistance to qualified individuals who can benefit from cannabinoid based / assisted treatments.

We had the lovely opportunity of speaking with Tracy Ryan – Chief Executive Officer of the CannaKids Foundation – to learn more about what inspires the continuation of this wonderful contribution.

“My daughter was diagnosed with an optic pathway glioma brain tumor when she was eight and 1/2 months old. While looking for potential treatments a chain of events happened on social media that connected me with both Rikki Lake and Abby Epstein. They told me about a documentary they were producing called ‘Weed the People’ which focused on the use of cannabis products to treat patients in pediatrics. They took the time to educate us about the many medical benefits, connected us with caregivers and oils, and started filming our family from the time of Sophie’s very first dose until present, and so that’s when our family’s journey with cannabis began. As we continued to see positive results, we knew we wanted to become more involved, and so we continued the effort of spreading the word in helping needy patients seek out quality cannabis based products that were made in both a befitting and ethical manner.”

What inspired the creation of the Cannakids Monies for Funnies event:

“Cannabis products can be expensive medications to obtain and so we are always in need of assistance when it comes to supporting our patients. The cost of the necessary products can be especially high when dealing with more severe illnesses which often require larger quantities of medicine to achieve significant healing results. We wanted to host an event in which we could donate the proceeds to qualified individuals who needed it. This fundraiser comes just before the 2015 holiday season which gives families an opportunity to focus more on celebrating the holidays rather then worrying about the expenses of their children’s necessary medication.”

Do you have any plans for the future of the CannaKids Foundation?

“We are working on expanding our reach throughout California in the hopes of helping more people in need. We are also in talks with other individuals who are equally dedicated to supporting the cannabis cause. We hope that these relationships will lead to us expanding as the states continue to pursue greater access to cannabis based medicines. We are also starting clinical trials with some of the countries’ greatest minds in order to formulate medicine that is more disease targeted. We will be taking the pediatric diseases we know it works for, we’ll work to understand why it works, and then use that data to formulate more customized oils.”

We would like to thank Tracy for taking the time to speak with us about this wonderful cause and event. We also want to thank the talented performers who came together for such an amazing night.

For more information on the Cannakids foundation and their efforts, you can visit there website on:



Photos Provided By: CannaKids Foundation

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