Today the world is under attack by the money people or the 1%. Countries like China, Russia, and Iran, despite what your fav news says, are not gearing up to attack America. They are circling their wagons in defense to America and the world banking system run by the infamous Rothschild Family, among others.

Approximately 600 corporations’ lobbyists have hammered out 3 huge trade treaties to hamstring the world into a neat package. President Obama was featured on Vietnamese television this past week in that country promoting the TPP treaty there again. In Germany 250,000 turned out in Berlin to protest their trade treaty and 2,000,000 in New Zealand. You see, these trade treaties were done in secret with no input from the people the treaties will impact and so they are pissed off to the point of throwing didos at their trade ministers.

Meanwhile, YouTube sites like Steve Olson’s WSO and Tyler’s Secure Team bring us citizen astronomer photos from past our Geo-engineered sky showing alien [ET] evidence that NASA either hides or airbrushes out of public sight much the same way Playboy was caught airbrushing their pin-ups. A recently discovered video of a documentary narrated by Roger Moore [c. 2000] shows not only a mummified alien [ET] but also a ‘star-jump’ by a group of Russian scientists who figured out they had found a real Star Gate.

prop-37-stolen vote

The front page headlines today and for the foreseeable future will feature political election news ad nauseam illustrating once and for all the real American System in action as we celebrate all the innocent lives killed, maimed, or displaced in this global quest to own the world at any costs, as long as it isn’t their costs. This would be the perfect time to 710 the next 6 months away, except it isn’t because the opposite of Evil is Innocence. As I draw a rip from my vape pen filled with shatter oil, no one in the cannabis cause or industry is innocent anymore. Now the reality of today is causing a cannabis civil war, tearing asunder friendships in place for years, friendships bonded together by common needs and a common weed.

Appearing like the big fight scene in Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles when one Hollywood set spills over onto another causing a hilarious send-up to every barroom fight scene in every old western, this cannabis civil war is anything except funny but just as contagious because the old saying, money makes the world go round, is true.

blazing saddles blue ray cover

In Blazing Saddles, like any movie, the heroes are in on the plot enough to realize that the carousel isn’t moving, it’s the curved backdrop metaphorically, so they can cut to the chase. It’s a classic film if you have never seen it and one that couldn’t and wouldn’t be made today anywhere.

In this cannabis civil war much like Blazing Saddles, a few heroes knew of the plot point before the big scene started with MMRSA and the bookend AUMA. One of these main stars was Jack Herer, who in 2003 told me what was coming [page 267, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green]. Jack and I talked twice, covering both religion and spiritually, two subjects that are dearth in the lawyer/entrepreneur/ex-opiate addict world which has attached itself to the dynamics of medical marijuana.

Because of this knowledge and understanding, myself and a number of others across this present day battlefield, move through it like a Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, skating around the cannonballs of shit thrown at each other by people who used to share friendships, united by a common bond of official oppression against Establishment ignorance. Now that ignorance is arrogance and the oppression is driven by commerce, making the logic of Eph 6:12 [fight the system, don’t hate on those caught in it, per se] all the more topical.

Pot plivaged politicians

Lost even to those false Christians who have set themselves up as our blind authority is something a cannabis chemist said to me in a recent conversation we were having over the relevance of naphtha in Rick Simpson’s Phoenix Tears. He said:

“We still haven’t exactly figured out what type of naphtha Simpson uses, or if it is the naphtha itself that cures the cancers. All we know is when you take the cannabis oil something magic happens.”

I stopped him right there knowing Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” – Arthur C. Clark and said:

“When you can explain why every human being on the
planet is hard-wired for THC, we can talk.”

The prediction, explanation, and outcome of today’s current cannabis civil war can be found exclusively in Chapter 20, Memoirs of Mr Pete & Mary Jane Green, available free to all website members in the blog section serialized for ease of comprehension under the writer name PT420.

This is a developing story…


PT Rothschild

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