Cannabis Strains for your Zodiac Signs

Cannabis Strains for your Zodiac Signs

Your zodiac sign can determine many facets of your personality and lifestyle, and so can the type of weed you smoke, believe it or not. That’s why High Times has broken down the signs and fitted each one with a perfect strain match, allowing people born under each sign to tap deeply into their utmost pothead potential. We’ve only used the official 12 signs, so anyone who goes by the “new zodiac” that counts Ophiuchus as a sign will probably have some venom to spew in the comments!

Read on and see which strain is ideal for you to be smoking, and, as always, HAPPY HIGHS to ALL!


Capricorn — Golden Goat



No strain works better for this goat-represented sign than Golden Goat itself, which is known to possess a sweet, sour and spicy flavor, much like the people born under Capricorn.


Aquarius — AK47


Aquarians are probably the most awesome sign of the zodiac. They’re quirky, creative, eccentric and FUN, and they need a strain that can balance out all their unique attributes. That’s why this sativa-dominant hybrid is perfect — the sativa taps into Aquarian creativity and enhances ideas, while the indica side to the strain helps mellow them out.


Pisces — Blueberry Yum Yum



Pisces tend to be warm and mushy people, and a strain like Blueberry Yum Yum will only enhance this part of their nature. This strain is as blue as the sea — and as blue as weed can get — which reminds us of Pisces’ connection to water.


Aries — Trainwreck



Aries personalities are strong, pushy and often overbearing, so they need some shit to mellow their crazy asses out. Trainwreck, a sativa-dominant hybrid, will do just that. The euphoric high of this strain will keep most Aries people in check, which may help them become more desirable to others as companions.


Taurus — OG Kush


Taurus is another sign that tends to be pushy, dominant and overbearing, but in a way that’s not as direct as Aries. That said, they need a weed strain that will knock them on their asses to keep their natural aggression in line. OG Kush, one of the “big daddies” of kush strains, will grab a hold of the bull by its horns and regulate its ass.


Gemini — LSD


No, we’re not talking about acid, people: we’re talking about the hybrid strain developed by Barney’s Farm that’s nearly as psychedelic. Hybrid strains are great for multi-faceted Gemini personalities, because you never know which way they’ll be leaning on any given day.


Cancer — Grapefruit


Cancers are upbeat, typically happy folks, and why wouldn’t they be? They’re born in the middle of summer, arguably the best season. For this reason, grapefruit is their perfect strain, as it’s not too potent, but tasty, sweet, and excellent for an afternoon smoke session on a hot summer day.


Leo — God’s Gift



Oh, Leos, you narcissistic sons of bitches. You really think you’re naturally better than everyone else, so how about a strain with a name to match your beliefs? God’s Gift, a potent indica born from Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush, will knock any Leo on his or her ass.

Virgo — Headband


Virgos can battle anxiety issues due to their fussy, worrisome, and perfectionist nature, so an anxiety-relieving strain like Headband, with its earthy, diesel flavor, is ideal to balance out their all-over-the-place personalities.


Scorpio — Girl Scout Cookies


Good for relaxing and chilling the fuck out, GSC is perfect for those volatile Scorpios to get their heads right. Forget about those explosive personalities: Scorpios will be held in check by this powerful pot strain.


Libra — Strawberry Cough


Libras can be indecisive, so a hybrid strain is the best option for these easygoing charmers. That’s why Strawberry Cough is excellent for them. With a sweet, strawberry flavor and a high that’s perfect for going out and exploring nature, this strain will lift any Libra’s spirit.

Sagittarius — Berry White



Sags are good-humored people, so a strain with a silly name like Berry White is definitely going to uplift them even more than usual. A combination of Blueberry and White Widow, this type of weed is known for making its users feel happy and creative, qualities that are already enhanced by being a Sagittarius.


Whats your sign ?????

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