As the state government plots to own cannabis by calling the plant marijuana, the cannabis universe is expanding exponentially, drawing those of us at the center into connections on research questions meaningful for today’s cannabis user, the now market, like magic. Cannabis magic.

The current case in point is the extract market, which in its vastness, contains vape pens, cartridges, wax, shatter, and other forms of solidified extract to be heated, not burned. Being a seasoned activist, I’m only yesterday’s shadow away from rolling flower, so to say that I’m low-tech isn’t a stretch. However, I run with a hi-tech crowd when I’m in Big Town.


Several days ago, the 420Nurse, Summer Rain, far right, penned this story asking the question ‘Can Terpenes Become Toxic When Added to Dabs?

Almost as if by a cosmic [?] connection, Dr. Alana Sills, is making an encore conference meeting in the area I live from the interest generated at this Wellness Expo event less than a month ago. The plan, God willing, is to bring this question to the good doctor and report the results back here for our readers, patients like us.

The topic for tomorrow’s free speaker event is: The Newest Advances In CBD Medicine and Natural Healing

Stay tuned for The CBD Whisperer Speaks coming soon!

Info on tomorrow’s event here.

PT Rothschild

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