Cannabis Quality Control Summit

Cannabis Quality Control Summit

Events such as the High Times Cannabis Cup, Chalice, and the various mini expos that spring up throughout the cannabis community continue to grow and gain popularity and as the cannabis movement continues to thrive. As they do, so too will the growing demand for more events that cater to the daily consumer and enthusiast. However one aspect of the cannabis industry that has not been addressed as much as it should, is the professional event in which individuals can network with the movers and shakers of this evolving industry.

Infocast is a for-profit summit planning and networking company with over 25 years of experience hosting a variety of events in numerous beneficial fields. Around 2012, a representative proposed introducing a platform in which distinguished members of the cannabis industry could gather together to address the growing demands, challenges, and benefits of better cannabis product regulation. After visiting several similar events in Colorado and gathering enough interest / contacts, they were able to bring together an amazing group of speakers, sponsors, intellectuals, operators, advocates, and experts to discuss, exchange, and contribute solutions to the changing cannabis industry.

The event took place July 19-21st at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. On July 19th, a pre-summit technical symposium titled: Integrating the Latest Science into Medical Cannabis Production and Treatment Regimens featured topics of discussion such as ‘Cannabis for Cancer, Does it Work?’ with Professor Jack D. McCue, Clinical Trials With Cannabis For PTSD with Sue Sisley MD, and emerging discoveries / identifying needed research with Jahan Marcu, Ph.D and Chief Scientist for Americans for Safe Access.

After a short break, the pre-summit meeting continued with even more educational discussions. This included speakers such as Ethan Russo (former Senior Medical Advisor to GW Pharmaceuticals), Constance Finley of Constance Therapeutics, and a presentation about ‘The Homeostasis Model for Understanding the Complex Healing Capacities of Plant Cannabinoids’ with Michelle Sexton of The Center For The Study of Cannabis and Social Policy.

From there, it was time for lunch:


As the tables filled and the meals were served, the dining room echoed with voices from some of the most intellectual members of the cannabis industry. The stories, recounts, and ideas were absolutely intriguing, enlightening, and astounding. As lunch ended, it was time to return to the conference room to enjoy more presentations by attendees such as Michael Ye of Milliporesigma, Josh Wurzer- President of SC Labs, and even an important discussion of cannabis patents and intellectual property with Reggie Gaudino of Steep Hill Labs Inc. The day concluded with information on laboratory proficiency testing from individuals such as Ty Garber of Phenova (a phenomenex company.), Alex Conn- President of Metagreen, and a panel discussion in which several more prominent speakers could address the growing scientific challenges that will be on the horizon as legalization takes hold.

Day two (Jan 20th) consisted of several speakers who’s expertise centered around sensible cannabis policy. This included information from keynote members who talked about the political and legal challenges of implementing regulative programs into the cannabis industry, it’s impact on both small and large scale cannabis operations, and the equally important topics of cannabis banking, quality control implications, establishing quality assurance standards, and the legal implications for participants who fail to meet with good practices (such as using unsafe growth additives or pesticides.) This included presenters such as Jeffery Raber of the Wercshop, Robert W. Martin of CCW Analytical, Nic Easley from Comprehensive Cannabis Consulting, Ezra Michael Pryor of the ACS Cannabis Chemistry Sub-division,  Tracy Szerszen of Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditations Inc., and even more panel speakers to who gathered together to discuss these matters of growing importance. As the event carried on into the evening, the meeting adjured it’s way to the Millennium Biltmore Hotels Emerald Room in which the ACS Cannabis Chemistry Sub-division hosted a networking reception where guests could mingle and enjoy a moment of respite.


Day three involved several more presentations and discussion panels who addressed correct standards for what a consumable cannabis product should be, the cost of managing any mandated requirements needed to bring it to market, cannabis laboratory proficiency, and simple product innovation. This last meeting included such well noted speakers like Cindy Orster of Digipath Labs and Jmichaele Keller of Steep Hills Labs, with additional panelists such as Chris Hudalla of Proverde Laboratories, Lindsay Topping from Dixie Brands, Aaron Justis of Buds and Roses, and Jeffery Friedland, author of Marijuana: The World’s Most Misunderstood Plant, and many more.

With an ever growing need for increased cannabis standardization, sensible policy, and acceptable practices in states where cannabis is becoming evermore recognized as both a marketable product and a valuable medicine, the growing demand for gatherings and networking events such as this will also continue to gain importance and popularity. We’d like to thank Infocast for taking the time to put together such an important and educational event. We’d also like to thank all the sponsors, supporters, speakers, and attendees who helped make this event memorable.

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