You are cordially invited to a political event in front of the Sheraton Hotel in Sacramento, 1230 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814 on Tuesday, March 29 anytime between 7:30 am and 6 pm. But try to be there by 11AM to make a good crowd for the press release. The main purpose of this event is to protest those meeting there for MMRSA [AB266, AB243, SB643], the unconstitutional attempt to destroy Prop 215.

The usual sellouts [ASA, NORML, DPA, MAPP, MPP, LEAP] won’t be using their mailing lists to get people to show up, so info about this event will be via word of mouth/social media. So please share the hell out of this on social media with your buds in the area.

Word has been sent to Russia Today, so we may have some Putin coverage because no mainstream establishment media will be there.

Pro-cannabis, pro-medical marijuana people are coming from SF, LA, San Diego, Sacramento and the Inland Empire, among others will be there including rally co-sponsors Patient Advocacy Network, Axis of Love, and Crusaders for Patients’ Rights. Monetary support for transportation and food for impoverished patients is being donated by the many growers who have supported us through the decades.

Be aware that though this is a cannabis protest, it is not an entertainment event so medicating openly may not be an option.

420nurses chapters in the vicinity are invited to photoshoot this political opportunity to show support for CCHI2016. Look for E420 editor PT Rothschild sporting a black 420nurses polo and straight bill snap-back. Also seize the opportunity to meet and greet our E420 Weed Warrior, Letitia Pepper, cannabis lawyer, activist, and outer of sellouts.

420NEWS Letitia Pepper warrior for cannabis

“Bring signs with slogans like ‘Defend Prop. 215’, ‘Defend Patients’ Right to Medical Marijuana’,  ‘Marijuana Heals, Shawn Parker Steals’, etc. Anti-NORML, anti-ASA, anti-MAPP, etc. signs would be welcome [also] as far as I, Letitia Pepper, am concerned. I am offering a $50 prize for my three favorite protest signs!”

PT Rothschild

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