The day is coming due to cannabis magic where no one will say ’42 plus nurses’ when seeing the brand.

Caramella420 and the Michigan 420Nurses Chapter

Caramella420 and the Michigan 420Nurses Chapter

The first time I heard someone utter “42 plus nurses” I said to myself, ‘well, I am in Iowa, the heart of Big status quo’ so it’s no surprise the true logo name doesn’t come to mind here. Even though the numerical term has been publicized every year for decades, many people still don’t make the tie-in to ‘420’ logo-wise. Though I recently heard someone from my own So Cali valley miss read the brand, I still know the day is coming when everybody will know their name. Why? For two reasons.

When I originally wrote my pot story, I did it for nostalgia because pot was underground and I had quit her cold turkey. That was 2001.

Though I had started again by the time Occupy Los Angeles rolled around, it was this protest event that got me involved as a movement embed for citizen news. OLA also got me to apply and qualify for my pot recommendation, a milestone event in reversing what I had believed in for the past forty years.

While I had always smoked weed, and usually had no trouble in getting it, my regard for it changed. I didn’t smoke it less but I didn’t feel the need to go behind the couch to puff it. I quit treating Mary Jane like the other woman. As you can tell in the book, she never was. My diet changed, which is another story, but in the months before I self-published the work, I received two epiphanies. These two reveals included mysteries in my life but they also brought forth secrets.

PT Memoir 420 Nurses_LARGE

Once the book, Memoirs of Mr Pete & Mary Jane, was released I noticed something. Things in the book, conjecture aka prediction or discernments, were validated out in the public domain for me to notice. I started keeping track with the first one being ‘Monsanto coming up with GMO weed’. This was part of the information put in Chapter 20 that I was given. After the book was out about a year, Letitia Pepper [all-time lead archive story on NEWS.420nurses] leaked that Monsanto had indeed made GMO weed, a fact officially announced in a report here only a few days ago.

The 1st coincidence led to a series of events, news releases, and then to random chance, all related to the book Memoirs, including predicting my joining the 420Nurses from the last paragraph of my story. I began to keep a list and did a story about this phenomena here when the list had grown to 12 tie-ins.

From number thirteen to number twenty, the magic of coincidence turned personal. Instead of something that was reported in the public domain having a tie-in, the book itself would exhibit a local tie-in with me as a witness. The next to last one, number 20, involved me connecting back with my middle son whom I haven’t seen for years. By this time I was feeling that the book magic had flowed to me and was showing itself manifest in my life.

In the last chapter, the information given me seemed to have a magic direction all its own. At times fulfilling a prediction, at others validating a prophecy; then this magic started having local effects on local situations. These times, if possible, local witnesses were listed as testimony, all the way up to number 20 involving me, my son, and the woman in Memoirs named Max[ine], real name Kathi.

It is the last tie-in, number 21, that leads me to believe that all the 420nurses will become renown because of the way they personify the concept of medical cannabis as female patients. One of the main things about cannabis is its magic. In Memoirs, I report that this magic exists because the two trees at the center of the Garden of Eden are the male and female cannabis stalks. [Read Chapter 20 free if you belong to by looking in blogs by PT420]

Now known in the hippest lingo, ‘trees’ are joints/buds. Mystical tie-in number 21 has moved a concept from the book into general/hipster word association since this slang term use occurred after publication. So, can the 420Nurses as an organization be far from general public recognition since they are hinted at in the book text [‘wise virgins’], tied to the book’s subject theme through the ad campaign, and are so magically delicious to look at?

420 and pink wide angle shot with Angela A

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